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  1. Hmm the AMV does has two matching BGM in it By the way the lighting position has been taking reference from some official arts The next project hopefully, going to be this one (water + underwater, a bit challenging) with another model artist.
  2. Finally the year-long project (with Plasmo) is completed, enjoy if you like both Secret of blue water and EVA AMV: [/img] Plasmo's video showing some processes: PS: the boss of the company who produced the tower, told me that Anno Hideaki's studio ordered 2 towers to promote EVA (3.0+1.0 I guess as a ship crash into tower again). He sent the video to Anno's colleague so hopefully Anno will finally see this work in full glory (He paid much homage to N-Nautilus with AAA Wunder in Evangelion 3.33).
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