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  1. update: Nathan decided to finally respond and actually ship my PO'd items ( VF-1D, movie SSPs, & armor set)! Unfortunately, its a little too late since I sold my valks. I'm still debating on how to proceed with this line but will probably put them up for sale. updated 2: I have decided to list the remaining items and have updated my sales list below. Located in SoCal. 1J armor - $155 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone, Sad to admit that I've been duped by Nathan Simmons for about $600 of pre-orders. I'm looking to sell to recuperate some funds and get out of this line because the entire experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. Plus, no better time to be a responsible adult whose expecting his first child, right?! edit: I just realized, no one probably knows who Nathan is, but I was introduced to him as a reliable, trustworthy source for overseas good. After several successful transaction and meeting up with him, he decided to screw everyone over within the past couple of months. Anywhoo, figures were briefly displayed and are complete. They are in excellent condition, transformed to battroid and back to fighter mode. SSP (movie edition) - received opened set from Nathan, but condition looks good - sold missile set - sold VF-1A (Hayao Kakizaki) - sold VF-1S (Roy Focker) - sold VF-1S (Hikaru Ichijo) - sold super parts set (TV edition) - sold Thanks for looking!
  2. Done! Just found the thread.
  3. I wanted to update everyone that PP finally offered me a $100 voucher for a PO of the 1/48 DX movie SSP back in 2019. It took a lot of time and effort contacting them and reiterating the issue but it paid off. YMMV. I think the key was to constantly reiterate that it was a pre-order and forced us to be outside of the protection period and to also mention that they have your funds for an item they never sent.
  4. I know there is a thread dedicated to NY issues but just wanted to inform everyone here as well that PayPal offered me a $100 voucher for my original pre-order of the TV movie parts. It took a lot of time and effort contacting them and reiterating the issue but it paid off. YMMV
  5. To throw this out there, I’ve been using a very reliable and nice individual I was introduced to via a Facebook Macross group. He has been nothing short of awesome with sourcing these for me. If anyone is interested, shoot me a PM and I’ll share his contact info. For reference, his 1D price is $270. I’ve gotten all my figures and accessories thru him. He did mention he is a member here as well but not so active and I forgot his username. I met up with him the other weekend to grab Roy and my TV SSP.
  6. I’m pretty OCD about my stuff as well but I don’t think IKEA makes a glass door for the Kallax shelves, not in the US at least.
  7. Definitely, awaiting my other SSP before I do! Thanks! You’re absolutely right, need to stop worrying about messing them up and just have fun with them!
  8. Heh ya, definitely need to tinker with them some more for dynamic posing.
  9. My mediocre display.
  10. Just confirmed the cancellation.
  11. Anyone have experience with cancelling a pre-order from mykombini? Any issues?
  12. What are the chances that more movie SSP will be released?
  13. Mine seems worse :/
  14. Anyone else have issues with the air brake not sitting flush? Any remedy for it?
  15. I’ve been going back and forth with NY for 2 months now about shipping my SSP. Asked to downgrade to ferry and received a $1 USD refund. Followed up if/when it’ll be shipped and was told that ferry shipments are not a priority. Seriously the worst service I’ve ever received. Now asking for store credit to pick up the Sentinel Riobot Ray figure instead and pay for expedited shipping so I don’t have to deal with them ever again. So if anyone is still looking, they’ll have a set available I assume.
  16. They offered me a credit of $1USD for the ferry option, I’ve been trying to get them to cancel my order all together.
  17. Am I still able to file a dispute with PayPal if I used my chase account for the payment to NY? It’s been over a year.
  18. Damn, valid points lol.
  19. Looks great, you should weather the missiles too.
  20. Price: $150 Condition: opened
  21. Ordered SSP from Mandarake on Friday and it should be here tomorrow! No updates from my NY pre-order from last year lol...
  22. Thanks, just trying to figure out if it’ll be cheaper having a friend order and ship to me or using one of the other sites.
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