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  1. Got the shipping notice!
  2. Yeah and that makes sense, but I always thought the price was high and now that it's going to take long as well it just makes sense to order it somewhere else. I ordered another yesterday for allot less and it's already shipped
  3. I politely contacted NY and asked if they had the stock to cover my order and if not if they could please cancel and they said they do not have the stock and apologized and cancelled my order. This works for me as the pre-order total with shipping was $377. Also found out Tenso translates to "transfer"
  4. If you don't mind my asking, what was your order number range? Mine was 7321XX
  5. Mine is 732130
  6. Just got a delay notification on the RIOBOT 1/48 AFC-01H EDIT: sorry first image was when i was on the dentist chair getting a crown. Here is the full email
  7. Thanks for that, I feel a little less crazy It honestly sounds like Black Friday opening level craziness to get the 1S
  8. 2/10/20??? Have you had some experience in the past when NY took months to ship a pre-orders? I paid for the preorder in advance way more that what scalpers are charging now. but I checked NY and they have a no cancelling pre-orders rule
  9. Same here... ordered it about a month after pre-orders closed for 332 plus shipping -______- Kind of frustrating
  10. Anybody know ballpark what Hobby Search charges for EMS shipping?
  11. I guess I can stop looking for it every day lol
  12. I still got the Maia Alpha. Never heard about the recall. The thing barely stands and won't hold the gun up. I kinda hate it but its the only alpha I have until Sentinel releases their beast... any day now (fingers crossed)
  13. Not that I have heard. I'm not quite sure where else to check so I just keep coming here and checking Sentinels page. Anyplace else you know where they announced these the last time they released?
  14. Not my pics. From the Wonder Festival 2019 (https://www.taghobby.com/archives/346499). My google translation says 20,000 yen releasing August 2019 (I read June though somewhere else)
  15. CDJapan's original shipping cost listed to me was 3700 yen ($33.55) and went up to 5200 yen ($47.15). So $13.60 more. Not super happy about it but that's not what I would call crazy. EDIT: I hate that math made me feel better. Im shaking my fist at my 4th grade math teacher.
  16. Just got hit with a 5200 yen charge from CDJ, but also got a notice at the same time from Amazon that my order there shipped Also the last email from CDJ said that they were on holiday from Dec 29th - Jan 3rd, so not sure when that's going to ship
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