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  1. On 8/12/2021 at 1:31 PM, F360 said:

    So... I preordered GX-71 Golion Voltron from Nippon-Yasan in March.

    and the result is.................................












     everything seems normal , just like before the pandemic ..:unknw:..




    I can't say for TWE items or all the stuff that happen before in 2020

    But the stuff preordered in 2021 do looks like normal processing now...   I preorder the  METAL BUILD GUNDAM DYNAMES REPAIR III and it was also shipped out in July


    Nippon-Yasan gave you merchandise in exchange for money? I only got excuses the last two times i tried to order from them. They are dead to me (1 refund and 1 credit card chargeback, both about 6 months without any word before having to reach out to them)

    EDIT: Sorry... allot of frustration there... no offense

  2. 46 minutes ago, spacemanspiff said:

    Does anyone have any idea how to find what happened to these larger Lion Playmates prototypes?  I'm so bummed they didn't get produced.


    I guess they had planned a few different version (one transforming, one smaller die cast, and one non transforming all with similar boxes). Seems the non-combining just got scrapped


  3. 15 hours ago, pengbuzz said:

    My pleasure! Let me know how it goes; if you run into any issues or need help, don't give up! Contact me here and I'll help you work it out; I've dealt with a lot of issues concerning transformable toys (having rebuilt my Trendmasters reissue Voltron into my own version of SoG Voltron, for starters!) and I have a lot of experience in fixing busted pieces. :)

    As it turns out the head was connected to the body by having the head attached to a plastic square. On the body side it fit on the shoulders inside of a slightly larger flat square box and the way that it came out was the head side square snapped and then ripped out from the flat box through the middle. In order to fix it I would have to glue the head square together and then it will not fit back in the shoulders. I would have to cut the sides on the shoulder box and slide it in... and I have no faith that I can do that without causing more damage. It's a bummer but honestly the lack of possibility and amount of display space it uses had been bugging me since I found out about the Bandai GX-71 a few years ago which was why I'm buying the Blitzway Voltron (and I still have the original 1980s die cast Voltron anyway). I didn't come to the decision lightly, but in the end it's not worth it to try and fix it because I don't want to display it anymore, and even so these big lions don't belong in a box. 



  4. 7 hours ago, JB0 said:


    I saw the damage and figured you'd never get all the little bits back in one place. Good luck reassembling them.


    That's what I was thinking as well. It appears to have just shattered in one spot but the opposite side I found freakishly matched it without being separated into 25 pieces. 

    3 hours ago, spacemanspiff said:

    Ah, man!  That stinks.  I have the Matty Voltron and the leg of the Blue Lion just snapped off while transforming it.  The material choice on those lions seem so cheap to me.  Thin and weak.

    I still enjoy it's giant presense and the chest logo-head reveal is so satisfying.  Just wish it was a bit sturdier without all the spring gimmicks.

    That thing is massive and was taking up 2 levels of my detolf. I loved how the Matty Voltron had the figures and the lion cockpits even if they werent very detailed. It's a great voltron but only if you want them just standing in lion form or Voltron, and no posing (or standing unassisted). I've been wanting a posable Voltron for a few years and the Blitzway one is going to be it lol

  5. 8 hours ago, pengbuzz said:

    Not just yet: permatex plastic welder can repair it and put Voltron back in the game.

    YES!!! I didn't think this could be repaired but i gathered all the pieces (found one across the room) and I figured out how they go and it fits snug. I'm going to try this weekend. Thank you for the advice!

    They are also selling the Blitzway Voltron at The USA Gundam Store


  6. 4 hours ago, sqidd said:

    As I'm sure some of you noticed I'm a bit concerned about the quality. When I saw the BBTS email pop up I thought to myself "Ah, I have a plan!".

    Reviews will be in long before BBTS ships. I can cancel my order post reviews if it's got issues. Yes, I will eat the $70 deposit. But, I'd rather eat the $70 deposit than get a $700 Voltron with problems.;)

    So, PO placed with BBTS.:good:

    Man, there is going to be a glut of SOC Voltrons for sale!

    That's about the best play in this scenario... I'm in.

  7. 54 minutes ago, M'Kyuun said:

    The Carbotix is really nice, but that's a lot of ducats. Looks like they kept the squarish proportions of Green Lion. Probably necessary for the room required to hide the legs. I love that feature, but not enough to canx my PO for the much more reasonably priced SOC. I'm happy with second best.;)

    @Syro Sorry for your loss.:(

    Thanks... I was showing it to my daughter and then the leg just came off. I dont know why I didn't support the legs :(

    43 minutes ago, Mog said:

    Let’s not crown the newest thang the king just yet. ;)

    The so-called old lion may still have some bite left.

    It’s also kinda amusing that we’re calling a $300+ priced item “reasonably priced” now. :lol:

    Yeah I just bought a recliner for $800 so Voltron is now at furniture prices :D

  8. I watched He Man as a kid and it was fun. I watched this show not expecting much but no matter how you slice it, it's not a He Man story at all and they made the main character into a joke. If they had named the miniseries something like People of Eternia or something and then it would have been acceptable but I can't stand a bait and switch. That said the first episode was decent- and then the remaining 4 episodes are a downhill ride in quality of storyline.

  9. On 7/25/2021 at 8:01 AM, sqidd said:

    I have to admit. The Blitzway looks pretty good compared to the SOC in this shot.

    I am worried about QC with Blitzway though. And with them alreday selling out I think I'm going to sit this one oit and wait for some reviews. Hopefully it's good, and hopefully they re-issue.

    Hey @sqidd- where are they selling out? I haven't even found any for sale yet I thought they go on sale July 28th at 5 PM KST. I've been checking all the usual places that sell Macross stuff

  10. On 2/24/2021 at 7:56 AM, vladykins said:

    Some got lucky with Nin Nin with Roy, but it has been the exprience that they PO some at MSRP, ratchet up the price, sell more, rathet up, etc. Then they often fulfill the marked up ones first and work their way backwards. They've had a number of complaints, but not NY level of complaints.  :)

    Wow- that's the kind of tactics I was hearing about NY a few years back. Crazy that they would adopt the same style as the most hated store among Macross fans. 

  11. 17 hours ago, vladykins said:

    I know most folks are playing their proxies close to their vest now, since the proxies that have been posted have been overrun by people now- From Japan is basically useless now since that was frequently mentioned and now anyone making a DX purchase through there is usually getting cancelled due to too many people ordering through it.

    My suggestion is to search up proxies and see what you can find.


    As for Nin Nin, you are probably better off with Okini since I've had no problems with them and lots of folks have had issues with Nin Nin (though you are more likely to get a matrked up toy from Nin Nin than a MSRP order, even though the msrp order came in first).

    I had no idea about Nin Nin- thanks for the info! Okini sounds like the better option

  12. 18 hours ago, jenius said:

    COVID messing everything up makes the 8 ball even murkier than usual but we had releases in August and then November in 2020 with TV parts dropping in December. I wouldn't be surprised if this year we have releases in July and November with December again being the accessory (GBP this time). If December is the GBP, it sure seems likely that the November release would be a Hikaru 1J of some sort... but that makes too much sense for Bandai. 

    Wait- the GBP is an accessory? I was reading comments and it sounded like an entire non transformable valk.

    17 hours ago, Guyffon said:

    I hear you man, I myself couldnt justify buying the whole VF-1D for the fan racer, so I didnt, I know I will regret that decision, but at least i saved some money

    Right? I have a little saved but I'm having this weird panic where it builds up and about every 3 days I say I'm just gonna buy it, and then I come back to the computer and look at it and it just doesn't balance out and I close the page because I think I can do better (like its a girl lol:D)

    17 hours ago, F360 said:

    There's always the option of buying the 1D to get the fan racer and then resale the left over VF-1D:unknw:

    Thats just kinda evil lol... also I dont think anyone who has seen the set will settle without a pretty good chunk off the price, and I dont wanna pay 100 for the fan racer. If this thing was cheaper I would probably bite the bullet. 

  13. So conflicted on the VF-1D... not a fan of the that valk (or orange lol), but being able to recreate the iconic scene with Minmei is pure nostalgia. Also I want the fan racer. Im going to regret this either way. 


    Any news on the GBP release?

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