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  1. I've got a scene identification challenge for  macrossworld Macross cel collectors. I've searched and search, but alas I've haven't able to find the specific scene. 

    I had assumed this head shot was of Roy's yellow valkyrie from Macross DYRL, but it appears this might not be the case. Any ideas


  2. On 10/1/2021 at 3:55 PM, jvmacross said:

    Anyone's wallets a lot thinner this morning? 

    Amazing Macross art once again via Heritage Auctions.....even more amazing were the final auction prices.....1000 USD was more or less the minimum price for the priviledge of owning anything Macross-related from today's listings....

    A sampling of the more impressive selections.....

    Macross Hangar Illustration - (Artmic? Unused ARII/IMAI boxart?)....7500 USD




    The "Hangar" illustration can be found in the Macross - Magazine for Anime and Hobby Fan ARII/IMAI booklets Volume 5, page 16 - upper left hand corner....so it looks to have been concept art for the Macross Factory kits....maybe once they had the actual lineart for what the hangar was supposed to look like, they commissioned Takani instead and ditched the "Artmic" version?



    Macross illustration....(used in posters and other Macross media during SDFM TV era)...6875 USD




    Masami Macross Illustration....(used in various Children's books and Magazines during SDFM TV era)....5000 USD




    Macross Destroid Tomahawk Hanken Cel (used in model kit boxes from ARII, IMAI during SDFM TV era)....8750 USD




    VF-1A Max TV illustration - Artmic (unused ARII/IMAI boxart?).....11875 USD




    An outstanding auction. Heritage Auction definitely out did themselves, again. 

  3. On 6/26/2021 at 4:10 PM, Global said:

    Some huge prices for cels at Heritage Auction


    Macross cel sold for $3360.



    Mospeada cel sold for $1800



    Sothern Cross sold for $2280



    This is listed as Macross 7 but I believe it is Robotech Sentinels  $3360



    What do you think?  I was pretty surprised by how much these went for!

    HA is definitely attracting quite a bit of attention from the Cel collecting community based on the final auction prices (plus buyers premium no less). Keep'em coming.

  4. On 3/15/2021 at 9:50 PM, Fortress_Maximus said:

    That is an awesome piece!  Congratulations again on adding the VF-1D settei.  You nearly have a full set!  :D  What else you think you need to round out, or complete your set?

    That is the same question I ask myself each time I buy just one more Settei. :lol:

  5. On 3/14/2021 at 2:09 PM, Fortress_Maximus said:

    Nice.  Although the traceline damage is somewhat significant.  Didn't participate as settei do not interest me enough to own.  However that leaves one less competition for those of you who do collect, doesn't it?  :)

    @Oden:  You have an awesome settei collection.  Did you manage to pick anything up to add to your large collection?

    Thanks Fortress_Maximus for the kinds words.

    I indeed was able to get one, the VF-1D in fact, how could I resist.! :D

  6. Did anyone else here participate in the Heritage Auction's Live International Comic & Animation Art Auction this weekend (March 13-14) which had a number of Studio Nue Macross Settei's / Model Sheets up for grabs? 

    Collectors were definitely fighting it out based on the final prices with Buyer's Premiums. 

    At one point when the 3rd Settei was up for bid (Armored VF-1J SOLD $11,250 w/t BP), the  auctioneer  mentioned "we definitely need to get more of these".


    Armored VF-1J.jpg


    Super VF-1S.jpg


    Armored VF-1A.jpg

  7. On 8/14/2020 at 11:01 PM, Shawn said:

    My most prized art piece, an original Takani of Milia's VF-1J in Gerwalk mode.
    I'm just in awe at how much detail he put into his art, he is my #1 favorite artist, then Tenjin of course! :)
    Got it back in 2011 for the most I've ever spent on a single Macross item, $800! (I"m not a crazy cel collector like some of you, where that would be a drop in the bucket)

    If you did not remember, he had a lot of his work up for sale. This was the cheapest valkyrie, so did pooled all the pennies together.

    Again, have posted this before, but this is the first HQ pic I've uploaded of it.
    This REEEEEEAAAALLLYY makes me want a Macross Box art BOOK. Maybe I could do an unauthorized one like the Transformers ones or something and not get into too much trouble. Something something fair use right?

    From the Imai 1/72 Variable kit.im1300-77-box.jpg



    Definitely a Yoshiyuki Takani treasure.  Thanks for sharing.

  8. On 10/19/2019 at 11:55 AM, ZenAmako said:

    I'm pleased to have a cel in my collection from Macross Flash Back 2012 again.  This is the third Flash Back cel I've owned; unfortunately, the first two were sold years ago.  Prices have gone up a LOT since I bought those cels in the late '90s/early 2000s.  Fortunately, this one isn't stuck, although it does have a bit of line fading (like every FB cel I've ever seen).


    nice image! Thanks for sharing

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