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  1. One more question. Is there a difference in quality between the 1/48 VF-1A/S and the 1/48 VF-1J kits? Obviously the heads and transfers are different and I think the A/S comes with a Strike pack but are the main parts the same or was stuff retooled for the newer A/S? I've looked at the images of them but lack the expert eye.
  2. I'm located in Australia in one of the big cities. I wonder if our geographical proximity to Japan means shipping minor stuff over is less difficult. That said it is mostly Gundam stuff. Like 3 shelves Gundam and one stack of Macross stuff.
  3. Huh this is odd. There's a store in my town that says it has stock of a Hasagawa VF-1J Vermillion squadron kits. But isn't Vermillion squad from Robotech not Macross?
  4. Oh I see. Good to know then although I'm still open to either. The 1/48 fighter van be built with wings either out or swept back but once it's complete are static right?
  5. Thanks for the replies guys! I'm gonna keep an eye out for the Hasagawa kits around town and probably pick up either their 1/48 Gerwalk or the 1/48 Fighter mode
  6. Thanks! Hmm that's pretty tempting. I've alo been on and off again on the idea of getting the 1/72 transformable Bandai VF-1 S/A. From what I read its looks pretty good with just some panel lining and has some clever engineering but its kind of flimsy and none of the 3 modes look as good as dedicated models for that mode. Anyone made one of those have an opinion?
  7. Hello everyone, I'm brand spanking new to this forum but I've been reading it for a little while now and think I have enough information to formulate a post of my own. I recently decided a want a Valkyrie kit to display but I only really want one so I'm a bit torn as what would be the single one for me. My favourite variant is the VF-1J but let's be honest the A,D and S are all real great. I'd like a Gerwalk kit because that's such an iconic feature of the Valkyries and the Hasagawa kits look awesome and have the A stance. My question about those which I haven't been able to work out from photos and forum posts is whether or not the Gerwalk Hasagawa has any articulation to allow for slightly different poses. Another question is I know Hasagawa kits don't really use color molding but fortunately I've read that the Hasagawa transfers are really comprehensive so that you don't need a heap. Do you think you'd get a good effect on a model kit with just spray coats for the white and black sections, panel lining and transfers? My local hobbystore has the Milla/Max Gerwalk Hasagawa kit and I'm wondering two thinks about it. Firslty does it come with parts to make Milla OR Max or Milla AND Max? The box didn't make this clear. As well as that, since the plastic is uncolored is there anything to stop me from buying that kit and just using white coats and then transfers to make it look Hikaru's/someone elses VF-1J? I'd love to hear what people think about the various VF-1J kits or any great VF-1 kits (either Gerwalk or fighter mode). Thanks
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