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  1. Hi David, I used gaianotes clear purple.
  2. Hey guys thanks for sharing your experiences. The WIP sections are really insightful and I have picked up a few tricks. I think I will grab a Hasegawa VF-1S with strike parts and give it a go after I am done with my next project (non-macross). My background is similar to Kajnrig's as I have only ever assembled and painted fully snap fitted kits by Bandai so it should be a fun experience.
  3. Hey fhrex thanks Do you have any experience with Hasegawa macross kits? If so, how are they? I am thinking of switching to Hasegawa since they are cheaper and I don't really need a transformable kit. I have however read that their plastic quality is brittle, the panel lines are very shallow and the kits require lots of glue and putty filling. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I am new to the forums. Just completed my old Bandai VF-25F Alto custom that I had for awhile now and would like to share it with you guys for some feedback. This kit is very time consuming and there is a lot of work that is needed to be done (lots of decals and panel-lining). The end product is great but the kit itself is very fragile and the fit between pieces isn't too good. Every time I move it, it feels like something might break apart (I already broke 2 minor parts). Also, the waterslide decals which are brittle themselves already are always rubbing against each other which may cause them to tear Especially the decal on the battroid's head). Therefore, I decided that I will not risk transforming it and just leave it in gerwalk mode. The gerwalk mode's movements especially around the legs are very limited and cannot extend too wide apart which was pretty disappointing. Other than that it looks great!
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