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  1. Great start indeed.


    This is just a personal opinion, feel free to toss it through the window, but IMHO Valks start to look much better once you start playing with their knees (rotate, bend, twist). Kakizaki there looks like a painted Chunky-Moneky :-)

  2. Jesus.... 2004

    I was meeting my first girlfriend, she hadn't die yet (obviously).

    Hadn't met my first wife.

    I was living in a different continent

    I hadn't even bought my first Toynami Masterpiece Robotech "Varitech".


    Here for another 16 years folks :-)



  3. 8 hours ago, Slave IV said:

    OP...If your order has indeed shipped and you received a shipped notice, you can go to your order history and select that order. Within the order details is a link to your tracking unless you have a non-trackable shipping method but I don't think any of those are even options at this point. There are many issues about NY that have been discussed but there should be no issue with them if your order is actually shipped.

    The current status according to the page is "Preorder Payment - OK", they just say in the chat that it has been handled over to Japan Mail. Now I find it difficult to believe that you just give over 20 thousan yen to the mail without them giving you any way to identify or track it. Smells BS to me.


    It's the lack of communication that kills me.

  4. Hello folks,


    First my apologies to the mods, I didn't knew where to put it, and since it's definitely related to Toys, I thought this would be the most appropriate place.


    Going through the threads I saw several messages of people warning about bad experiences with Nippon Yasan, and of course being (semi) young and stupid I though: "that's never going happen to me..."

    I had/have a pre-order of 4 items with Nippon Yasan (September 2019). Long story they said they could send just 2 of those. Right now they say that Japan Mail has my order, yet they fail to provide a tracking number.

    I got scammed, badly. And it's partially my fault for ignoring all the red flags, so if you are new to this and plan to order something from them: beware.

    In a modern civilized world, there should be a way to rectify this. Obviously this is not going to get fixed through Costumer Support. 

    I wanted to check with you guys what are my options at this point. Can I request a refund to the credit card company based on a scam? Not aware of japanese law, but (leaving the monetary cost aside for a moment) would it be possible to sue them or legal action?


    Please any ideas, tips or stories would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Hey guys,


    Coming back from vacation and I think I missed most of the chatter regarding the VF-4G, I can only find the premiun finish version on Nippon Yassan:


    Is that "ok" ? I'm pretty sure it is not a bargain, but is still a reasonable price? Thanks!



  6. 15 hours ago, OptionZero said:


    Both NY and HLJ replied to my inquiry and said they had extra replacement legs for the SV51!

    I got a set from NY, but due to shipping issue I had to pay $40 for ups. They offered a cheaper ferry service which would take forever. The legs themselves were no cost

    hlj was slow responding so I went with ny

    Hang on a minute. Are you imply that those "extra" legs can be given to other customers?

    Cause I got no luck from my vendor :(

  7. 13 hours ago, OptionZero said:

    Does anyone have a replacement leg


    I believe i need the RIGHT leg (battroid mode)

    Here is what mine looks like



    Conversely, if anyone needs a left leg, i have an actual arcadia replacement one with thigh pieces available that i incorrectly requested and received from a different member, so i am happy to trade or ship that to someone that needs it

    This one is mine. Not even sure which one is wrong (left or right). My seller will not reply anymore :(


    If you need that piece, let me know. Happy to trade


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