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  1. tamashii exclusive. 


    DX Chogokin Movie version VF-1A Valkyrie (Hayao Kakizaki)

    Selling price 19,800 yen (tax included)
    Points earned 198P
    Start accepting reservations March 25, 2020 16:00
    End of reservation acceptance 23:00 on April 22, 2020
    Delivery date Scheduled to be shipped in August 2020




  2. I received the package today for Roy and the super/strike packs and they are definitely NOT new. Stickers are applied on both Roy and the super/strike packs. Roy has been transformed with paint chipping on the swing bar, tail fin and other areas and dusty as hell.

    Also noticed that the hip ball joint assembly was replaced and the broken assembly is even included in the box. The hip joints are super loose preventing any dynamic poses.

    This is a misrepresentation of the items for Sale.

    chukissaki wrote:

    Hi I haven't been on here for a LOOOONG time. I have a few items I need to move and thought I would offer them here before Evil Bay. All Items are new untrasformed in the box. I opened them, took a look and put them in my closet. The boxes do have some slight shelf wear.
    Prices do not include paypal fee and shipping. I still think they are good after browsing the forums and completed ebay listings. I will entertain reasonable offers. All sales in the US only. shipping overseas is too much of a pain in the a**

    First is being sold as a set. Yamato 1/48 VF1S Fokker and Yamato 1/48 FAST/Strike armor. I don't want to break them up because one is useless to me without the other.
    200 USD for the set.

    next is a Yamato 1/72 YF21 fast pack .
    75 USD

    ALL FOR 250 USD

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