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  1. Thank you for all your input. I would love to own a VF-4, however no matter what it is (model, toy and etc.) it is always super expensive. I will keep everything you mentioned in mind and consideration. Thanks.
  2. I am interested in this VF-4 kit however I wanted to see if anyone has purchased it before? I would like to know their opinion of it, such as build time, glue used and such. Also since I can not read Japanese does anyone know what they needed to purchased for this kit? I know you have the purchase the screws...now how many of each I am unsure of. Lastly do you purchase the ball joint separately ? If s,o where do you get these from. Any opinions and help would be grateful. Thank you. http://experten.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/vf4/index.html
  3. Thank you for letting me know how to get it. I'll look for it at my local hobby store, but most likely directly from Palladium Books. Where did you get the Southern Cross scans? Is there one of the 3rd Zor spaceship, I thinks its a destroyer?
  4. Does anyone have a scan or know of a posting of th MR-02 Protector Battloid that was left out of Robotech RPG Book 4 The Southern Cross? The only source of it I know of is "he Magic of Palladium Books #3"which is OOP. Any help would be greatful. Thank you.
  5. Cool LLA is on IMacross servers, wonderful. I'll take a lot right away. Does anyone know where a copy of the Robotech The Movie The Untold Story might be at? Thanks.
  6. Thank you both for your replies. I am aware that GCM was released domestically but LLA was not. Since I haven't it seen it except for a Real Media file (which is horrible) I wanted to know if it was included with import set. I would love to own the ADV version if I can get a good quality LLA that I can make a DVD out of myself. Since I do not have a VHS copy or a digital copy to make one, the only way I knew of was maybe the import DVDs included it. I am assuming that the ADV version doesn't compare with the import set by quality, but is there any other difference between to 2 except LLA being included and the Engrish subs? Thanks.
  7. Does anyone seen or have the 3 disc import DVD set of the series? If so does it include the Love, Live, Alive OAV? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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