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  1. Looks very nice!

    Honestly thou, you should charge $40-60 per hour for this kind and level of skill. That's average commercial contract artist's rate these days

    I assume this would take a lot more than 10-12 hours?

    You should've asked more if the client asked unique/no copy version :D

    Yes I know US$600 is VERY cheap for this kind of work, but it´s for a private collection of Deviantart site member - not a prototype for toy industry. For most of members (even here) is a bit high price for a commission.

  2. She's -almost- wearing that uniform! Will your commisoner let you make castings of this? I knwo you said it was one off, but I KNOW you will get other offers! Looking great! - MT

    He wants Misa wearing Macross jacket, micro skirt and... nothing more.

    and sorry, no copy.

  3. Glad your back from your 4yr vacation!!! Awaiting some good things from you!


    I was building models not related to Macross world, so I not posted here.

    oh my... after missed the first salute misa hayase.. i would die to have this mold!.. ryuji any chage for you to made another recast of misa hayase in salut pose?

    Sorry, the first Misa is out of production and this commission is for a unique figure - no copy will be made.

  4. I would have to agree.

    Not sure how much extra work it is or how much more expensive it would be. But it would really lend towards the feel of the cockpit. No part of the canopy frame would be required since it's shown open anyways.

    Sorry, I will not build extra parts - it's necessary special tools / skills for that and I don't have it. :mellow:

    But if someone else want to build an upgrade / detail up sets for this kit, please feel free to produce and sell ! ^_^

    I think will be interesting... B))

  5. Actually I'm considering this figure as failed/ dead project... <_<

    I was planning to build a polyester resin version for myself and made the mold but failed in some parts :unsure: - that was OK because that version was not for sale. Then I cast the parts and started to build and pin, but I made the pin holes wrong and damaged the parts. :angry:

    When lots of things starts to go wrong in a project, it's time to abandom <_< so, the kit is abandonded for months...

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