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  1. i like transformable SD products. but i also like non-transformable SD products. the Gundam SD products that are non-transformable have been popular for so many years.

  2. Check out my items below. I will sell cheaper than whatever is listed on eBay. Just send me a reasonable offer if you're interested.

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    Robotech Macross Play Make SDF-1 Super Dimension Fortress Vintage Battle 5 feet


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  3. Everything that is chrome seems to carry a premium. The Lego Star Wars chrome minifigures are highly coveted and expensive too. I think Chrome Vader and Stormtrooper are especially cool.

  4. NICE! Lets hope they get it right the first time this time... no renewals please. The aircraft mode looks awesome (and that's enough for me!), still on the fence about the battroid though.

    Very good point! There've been renewals for so many valks. It might indeed be better to wait for the renewal. Else I'll have to sell the flawed first edition at a loss.

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