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  1. Well, I finally started cleaning out the boxes I got from my parents’ basement some decades ago, and found my longest ever WIP - 30+ years! Looks like 2 VF-1Ds and 2.5 VF-1Js. Then two poor VF-1Ss that could use some repair. These had to have been the old Revell Robotech kits that I tried to do in a hybrid of the Macross liveries with the Orbot/Vexar/Other One That I Can’t Remember color schemes. I must have been around 10. :lol:


  2. I gave up any hope of NY responding to my ticket, so filed a claim and got one on ebay. They said standard shipping so it’d arrive mid-January. FedEx truck showed up today with it. I guess they did FedEx 2-day instead. This kind of thing never happens to me! Woot! :D

  3. 6 hours ago, spanner said:

    Its now a week past its official release and still no word from NY.. Has anyone else who ordered with NY heard anything from them?

    Same. Have a ticket open and email to them through PayPal. Never had a problem with them before this, but have been hearing horror stories about them this year. I have the 180 day limit marked on my calendar, but will probably try for a refund if there’s no response soon.

  4. 7 minutes ago, jvmacross said:

    It was released as an unpainted kit...the box can be seen behind the custom CF VF-1D

    The kit is molded in the same beige as the toy with orange decals. I started to build it with a CF scheme but was having trouble with paint scratching. One of these days I’ll repaint and reassemble it. One day. :wacko:

  5. 7 minutes ago, crackpot said:

    @borgifiedThis is probably the scenario with NY right now and to those who (unfortunately) have to pre-order from them:



    I just hope they get their orders or their money back. :)

    Not even, I'm afraid mine ends on Pre-order - Payment OK. Why, yes, I did miss the preorder windows everywhere else! Chat with them earlier ended with them saying that preorders ship the day of official release. When I pointed out that it was a few days ago, they told me to open a ticket. We'll see what they say, if anything.

  6. Same here, just didn't have the money at the time when they were going cheap. Thinking of doing a 30th Anniversary squad instead with my Angel Bird as lead solo and four 30th Anniversaries in a diamond formation. Just have to figure out room in the display case, and if having that many Annies together will hurt my eyes seeing them all at once. ;)

  7. Wow, those look great wall mounted! Are you screwing the base directly into the wall, or are there keyhole slots in the base bottom to slip over screws? Or something else? I'm definitely going to be in for one of the starter kits!

  8. Well, thought I dodged this bullet, but my 0d just lost the left leg during transformation. It was always tight, but this time it looks like it just sheared the plastic half of the ball joint right off. At least I know the fix for it - thanks for the video, Yeti!

  9. What thickness of plastic do you think would be needed to make templates of a stencil for permanent storage? I'm thinking you could do that just to have it, and then use the template to cut out whatever masking material you're going to use. So, hold it over Parafilm or masking tape to cut out the shape into the masking medium.

    For my airbrush stencils, I usually use 0.3 mm mylar if I'm going to keep it around. For one offs, I'll generally use whatever I have laying around - usually frisket, liquid latex, paper, silly putty, or some combination of them.

  10. Thanks for the translation Renato. Having assembled some of the Yamato kits including the SDF-1, Mr. K's not kidding about the added skill/labour needed for builds. That said, I have to agree with everyone talking about getting a new factory. The factory we used to contract with incurred severe penalties for more than 15% scrap rates, and we were definitely smaller than Arcadia. I really feel for him; he's definitely passionate about his work but it just seems like they're fighting an uphill battle. Really curious about the rights issues. As many others have stated, they'd be printing money with a SSP rerelease. I can't imagine that that fact is lost on them...

  11. Unfortunately, these are really tight as you've indicated. I have a set of metal picks (like dental picks) that I was able to carefully get a corner up with one of the points and then get it clear of the tab without scratching. Think it was more luck than skill, though. After that, I filed a bit of a bevel into the arm tabs to round the bottom part a bit and also put a bit of a bevel on the armor clip itself. That makes it easier to kind of apply pressure to one side of the armor while lifting the clip and act like more of a normal super part. My other unit I haven't had the guts to do that to so it's on there for the foreseeable future. Work slowly and good luck!

  12. Mine from HLJ is misaligned as well, but it's not by much as others have mentioned. Having done tampo printing in a former life, I'm just happy that the registration is correct. Got a 30th Anniversary with the decal sheet where the white was completely off so had to resort to the stickers instead. All told I'm pretty happy with the 0D and just chalk up the tampo to exhibiting shibui. Although I guess simplicity goes out the window once transformation starts... ;)

  13. I'm really torn on this one. I have the Yammie and not thrilled with what a saggy mess it is, but the price point is killing me with everything else hitting this year (including two unexpected spinal surgeries...and some unadvised/unsupervised japanese auction madness while heavily medicated. Filled two big holes in the collection, though! :). Think I'm going to hold out for the 0S. She is a beuatiful bird, though!

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