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  1. Do I know what the prize is?! hrmm yeah I remember it was mentioned I can't remember now... >_< mmmmm I'd like a large scale VF-25 maybe? or one of those newer SDFs? (My original 80's one got kinda damaged in a garage storage fiasco >_<) I did pick up VF-25F at the recent Supernova 2009 in Sydney.. There was only ONE place that was selling ANY sort of Macross Frontier stuff (GAH) (Picture just iPhone taken and uploaded) It's a little 1/100 Scale tranforming one.. Detail is amazing for a 1/100 scale. But I seriously would prefer a 1/60 or evern better a 1/48 scale one.
  2. mmm MAF Torny.. I know I'll lose, I'll get all bad in the nerves after looking at how glorious what the prize may be and stuff up like ram myself into a building and start talking to a random little asian girl whom apartment I just wrecked
  3. afterburn clipping?! and you say carrying all that huge amounts of ammo is unrealistic, how bout ramming a jet at mach 3-4 into an object either stantionary or going an equal amount of speed in the opposite direction and think you'll come out of it alive?! yeaaaa............. afterburn clipping indeed
  4. OK!!!! I Got X-Link Kai working, was really simple.. Created a user account on thier website Downloaded and install X-Link Kai (It's like 3mb) Configured it to login with my account Setup port triggering and forwarding for port 30000 on my router Ran X-Link on my PC Turned on My PSP and loaded MAF Multi X-Link picked up my PSP on the wireless and I was away! Pity I only ran into ONE person for MAF >_< need moooooore lol My name on X-link Kai is blade888
  5. Mmm looks like I'll just have to make sure I practice hard and that my PSP still works by then or get a newer one (still has an original release date one). So Ivan, X-link Kai ay? I might google it out for a bit, thanks for the info! Who would be up for joining me with a bit of online battle if it does actually work?
  6. Hey all, Sorry been a bit quiet, been a crazy couple of weeks busy wise. MAF on PSP Tourney: Yeah for sure I'll give you a good run for your money on MAF. Not sure if I'll actually beat anyone but I'll sure be a good target to try to keep track on Con Location: Yeah Hornsby like I said is out of the way from the CBD, easy to get to but not as much off the street public potential at all. Well as for having it on the GC, that sounds good as long as it's in the CBD to get public walk ins. I'm leaning towards getting more exposure and having major public access for Macross Aus Cons. Imagine if it were the size of Supernova LOL!! (I'm going to the Sydney one)
  7. I've got one of those Ikea display cabinets, yeah they good and all but prob is they are very heavy! Transporting them are a pain unless there's a designated person who going the transport them for the con via road.
  8. Yeah public access would be the the major thing to consider. If no public access then yeah my hall would be easy but if you want public access then we'd need some sort of insurance done and researched into.
  9. Ah okay, that makes things easy numbers wise. If it's only going to be classified as a small "meeting" amoungst our members here or people who register here first, then we don't need public liability insurance and a small surcharge is done instead and no worries! (This would probably be way it'll work) However if it's open to the public to just walk in, well then different story :/ it'll be claissfied as an "exhibition" and we'll need to get a quote for Public Liability Insurance for the weekend. *Sigh* gotta love redtape lol.
  10. Hey All, No worries and you're very welcome! I've been a fan of Macross since 1986 when I first was given a VHS of it from the local VideoEzy and grew up watching all series as I grew up. It's shaped my life a lot and what gave me the strive to fly myself. To give something to a Local Macross community is a pleasure. As for the location it's in the suburb of Hornsby, north of the main Sydney Central Business District (CBD). So sadly not near the civilian domestic Airport. However very easy to access as Hornsby is a major North Shore hub, so you can catch a train from the Airport to Hornsby. By train or car it will take 45mins to an hour from the Air port. (Train ticket from the airport is expensive compared to the rest of the Rail network sadly at around $25, but beats a $100+ buck Taxi which are expensive in Sydney) There are local hotels as well for accomodation in order of price and space: Hornsby Railway Hotel (Walking distance, budget pub style accomodation): http://www.hornsbyrailwayhotel.com.au/ Hornsby Inn (Walking distance, Motel/Inn style accomodation): http://www.hornsbyinn.com.au/content/home Hotel Ibis Thornleigh (2 min drive, my recommendation if you're not on a tight budget): http://www.accorhotels.com/gb/hotel-3238-i...igh/index.shtml As for the technicalities, I'll need to know 2 things. 1. With the previous Con, did you hold public liability insurance for it? or it wasn't required for the venue you used? If so, we'll need it this time around. (I can sort this out if need be) 2. How many went to the previous Con as it would give a good indication of numbers, as different numbers would indicate a different rate for the day for the hall. (don't worry about payment, I'll sort this out between myself, squadron and R.S.L. sub branch, just need estmated numbers attending i.e. less than 100, less than 200, or full 500.)
  11. Hi! I have an 'idea' about 2010 Con Venue at least. I'm a partime Sqd. LT. in the AAL and I currently take care of a cadet squadron that operates from the R.S.L. War Memorial Hall they are part of. This hall is 380 Square Meters and can take up to 500 people. It has a stage, Bar, Kitchenette, and toilets. If you're looking for a Venue in Sydney let me know and I'll see what the brass says and what strings I can pull. (i.e. if I can use it for free for the Con etc..) At the very least we could public hire it and I can organise a heavy discount, as I'd imagine they still may want some cash as people who come in are 'public guests' for insurance reasons etc.. but even so I may be even able to pay for that as squadron expense if the cadets are involved somehow, as Macross is sorta aviation related. Let me know if you're interested and I'll see what I can do.
  12. SS's are the hardest to get when you're still unlocking things, but when you get to the stage where you can take off the limiter on mechs, it's a big help to get those SS's, so don't worry if you're not getting any SS's. Does anyone know of an easy way to play PSP's online with ad-hoc network mode games like MAF? Would be good if we could get something going to play a few missions together.
  13. Yeah definately luck hahaha Well at least I'm still havin fun with everythin else. Hey has anyone noticed with the latest firmware update 5.50 that the analog joystick acts a little funny, like sometimes I can't transform to fighter mode? Could just be my analog stick but when I go back to home menu and to say the web browser, the stick moves around my pointer just fine.... wierd...
  14. yeah, I guess, but seriously, can't be done in my eyes. Have tried every walkthrough help guide and tips out there avail on the web and almsot every combo of them combined as well, still no go.. hell I even put my armor to full and still got one shotted in the 3rd wave.. not cool really..
  15. okay I have now wasted 20 hours on Sad Sniper EX and cannot get above an A. I think I should offically shelf that mission and dubbed it as impossible, it's starting to get on my nerves. I get through the first 2 waves untouched both alto and me. 3rd Wave either one of the two high spec Large enemies super weapons alto instantly or myself instantly, and either die or die by the time the VF 27 turns up. So regardless of what I do it's 100% impossible. and it's the ONLY mission I don't have an S for so I can never unlock the whoel game *sigh* what a waste...
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