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  1. DanGAGT

    Dropping a deuce

    Ahhh I always thought that meant .... well .... doing a small load my hand in the bathroom if you know what I mean
  2. DanGAGT

    Dropping a deuce

    Never catch me with Porn in the B-room. My wife and I have a great relationship and plus ... she is H O T .. The toy in the B-Room was very embarrasing though. Now my daughter brings toys in with her while she is dropping the "logs" - as she calls it. Yeah .. my house is a funny place to visit.
  3. DanGAGT

    Dropping a deuce

    Thanks for the warning! I'm 33 now ..... all down hill from here Just glad it wasn't one of those 1/60's with the removeable legs. They might have went for a ride into my septic field ...
  4. DanGAGT

    Dropping a deuce

    Now THAT was funny. I think I just shot myself in the foot ... Never had anything "fall in" though ... and I always wash my hands you sick-o's. Ha Ha ...... hey wait ..... I think I need to buy a 1/60 Canon Fodder!
  5. DanGAGT

    Dropping a deuce

    Ok ... am I the only one who brings in a changer toy ...either Yamato, bandai, etc .... ...... to the bathroom when dropping a few friends off at the lake My wife opened the door when I was figuring out how to transform the MPC Blue Alpha the other day. I was grunting and moaning, but it was becasue the leg wouldn't snap into the body to lock in. She wanted to make sure I was ok .... to open the door and see me all of my childhood glory with the little transformer in my hands and my puppy dog eyes looking back at her. I lost track of time and my legs fell asleep as well ....
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