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  1. agreed to that

    still, i love my VF-1J :wub:

    i've seen one of my friends vf-0s (the toy is ard 3 years old already)

    it yellowed pretty badly and was the worst i seen

    bear in mind, i'm in malaysia,

    out of 365 days a year, we get 366 days of sun :S

    Just curious, do you place your valks under the sun everyday??? ^_^

  2. Envy all you guys, i have only the VF-1S Max in my collection.

    Wondering which valk to collect next in the 1/60 v2 line?

    Guys, any suggestions?

    Cheers!! :)

  3. How much did you pay for one of your DXs? because I'm going to HK on wednesday :D

    Hi Tsuchiro, when i was there, i managed to get hold of the last remaining pair of DX toys.

    2 days later, when i went shopping for Macross again, could not see any sight of the VF-25S (Ozma's). The remaining Alto's are all selling at around HK$1280 to HK$1350. Went to the Animate shop opposite CTMA and they only have Altos stock too. Ozma was pratically sold out. All these events are from 28 Dec to 31 Dec.

    Wish you good luck in finding a pair of the VF's and at a reasonable price!!


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