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Queadol Magdomilla Class Fleet Command Battleship

Queadol Magdomilla Class Fleet Command Battleship
This medium scale warship, often found in the role of a fleet command ship, is actually two individual vessels able to be separated to serve different functions. The forward section of the Queadol Magdomilla (the Assault Module) can detach from the main vessel (the Orbital Module) and act as an aerial assault craft for combat inside a planetary atmosphere. The modular system allows the two sections to operate independently and both are heavily armed with hangar bays carrying large mecha complements. While the orbital module can still enter a planetary atmosphere like most Zentradi warships, the ship has limited maneuverability. Although this class has been in use for hundreds of millennia, as has most of the Zentradi fleet, the Queadol Magdomilla was born in the middle stages of the Galactic Empire's Schism War and is thus one of the newer ships of line. Source: Macross Mecha Manual
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