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Quiltra Queleual Class Landing Ship Tank

Quiltra Queleual Class Landing Ship Tank
The Quiltra Queleual Class Landing Ship Tank (LST), like nearly all Zentradi ships of the line, has been in active service for hundreds of millennia. Another product of the war machines used during the ancient Schism War of the old Galactic Empire, the Quiltra Queleual serves the role of a planetary assault ship. More than any of the other Zentradi capital ships, this vessel devotes the vast majority of internal volume to mecha bays and hangars for battle pods, fighters and re-entry craft. The ship features several launching hatches for efficient deployment including a large re-entry pod hatch. While not specifically designed for ship-to-ship combat, the Quiltra Queleual still features a moderate number of anti-ship and anti-fighter weapons for attack and defense. Source: Macross Mecha Manual
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