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Uraga Class Escort Battle Carrier

Uraga Class Escort Battle Carrier
The Uraga Class Escort Battle Carrier is the next generation stealth carrier built to replace the Guant√°namo Class Stealth Carriers. The Uraga Class, built with weaponry, armor and maneuverability comparable to a cruiser, is often used as the flagship of small fleets. At 550 meters long, the Uraga Class ships are much larger conventional spacecraft but still significantly smaller than the SDF-1 Macross or the later New Macross Class ships. The Uraga is built with a stealth composition and features a dual deck launching system for variable fighters; one deck running the latter dorsal two-thirds of the ship and an internal deck underneath with a launching deck in the forward third. This efficient deck design allows rapid deployment of multiple craft simultaneously and has become common on many UN Spacy carrier vessels. Sourc: Macross Mecha Manual
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