Macross World Convention 2013

The Macross World Convention celebrates all things Macross and its influence on the fans and patrons of the franchise. This year, the Macross World Committee has booked our convention for Saturday, October 5th at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center – Ken Miller Auditorium in Torrance, CA. This year we have the pleasure to present our special guests, Hidetaka Tenjin and Mari Iijima. Hidetaka Tenjin is the fan favorite artist that painted many of the Hasegawa Model box art and the impressive covers for the Macross Bluray Collections recently released for the 30th Anniversary. Mari Iijima is the original voice and singing actress of Lynn Minmay from the revolutionary first series that started it all. This convention will also have special events such as the MWCon Idol Contest, the very first MWCon Subculture Art Show, the 1/55 VF-1 transforming contest and a Live Art contest. In addition, we will have our usual Macross item displays, vendors, raffles and giveaways.

New Flyer 2013 4x6 2 (Large)

MW Con General Event Info and Registration
Torrance Cultural Arts Center and the Ken Miller Auditorium
MWCon Sponsor Page

MW Con Special Guest Events
Hidetaka Tenjin Fundraiser Dinner
Hidetaka Tenjin Q&A and Autograph Session
Mari Iijima Performance and Autograph Session

MW Con Events and Contests
Macross World Custom Toys and Models Contest
MWCon Idol Contest
Deculture: MWCon’s 1st Art Show
Live Art Contest
Chunky Monkey Transformation Contest

MW Con Merchandise and Sales
Tenjin Sketch Raffle, General Raffle, and Silent Auction
MWCon Exclusive Toy 2013
MWCon Merchandise
MWCon Vendor Page

MW Con Food
Nyan Nyan Cafe
Lobos Food Truck