Miss Macross Maniacross Quizz

It’s October 10th, which means it’s the birthday of the first idol most Macross fans fell in love with (hey, we were young and didn’t know any better!). That’s right, its Lynn Minmay’s birthday!

To celebrate the occasion, the Macross Fanclub is holding an online quiz from October 10th ~ 24th: ‘Miss Macross Maniacross – Lynn Minmay Birthday Special Contents’. The quiz is actually a flash game and clearing it with full marks allows participants to enter a draw for a special Minmay-themed tote-bag, not dissimilar to the ‘Song for Basara‘ flash game that was posted back in August.

Unfortunately the quiz is open to fanclub members only, but it looks a little like this…

Time to test your knowledge of Minmay’s songs with a series of 8 questions…..
The questions start off deceptively simple enough….
(Which of these is a Minmay song – (1) My Boyfriend’s a Pilot, (2) Ninjin Loves you yeah! )
But soon get devious
(pick the Minmay song – note: errors in the Japanese titles have been included to keep you on your toes).
Fail to get a perfect score and..well, to quote Jim Kelly, ‘You just don’t qualify…’
A perfect score gets you into a draw for a Minmay tote bag as well as the chance to include any messages that you would like to pass on to the birthday girl.