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Memorial Service for Noboru Ishiguro held

Friday September 7th, 2012 saw a special gathering of high-profile Japanese animation industry guests to pay their respects for the late Noboru Ishiguro, director of “Super Dimension Fortress Macross”, just one among many, many of his works of anime spanning the entire near-50-year history of the industry.

The locale was a conference hall in Kichijoji’s newly-refurbished Daiiichi Hotel, and featured a standing buffet, an entire wall of gift flowers and some memorabilia.  Throughout the evening video clips were played and guests stepped onstage to share their anecdotes and reminiscences of Ishiguro.

Of particular relevance to Macross World would be the attendance of Haruhiko Mikimoto (character designer), Mika Doi (voice of Misa Hayase), Noriko Ohara (voice of Claudia LaSalle) and Ichiro Itano (mecha animation director), but more general anime fans would no doubt also be interested to learn that other anime legends such as Gisaburo Sugii, Leiji Matsumoto, Yutaka Izubuchi and Hideaki Anno amongst many others were also present (if you do not know who these people are, please take the time now to Google them — seriously, you will thank me).

I will write up more details when I have a bit more time, but think of this as a small news bit for now.