MacrossWorld Convention 2013 T-Shirt Fundraiser Part 2!!! Now in available on colored shirts!


Good news… just heard from our new shirt providers and they said they can print the design on color shirts. The only thing they can’t print is the blue background with the text because the white ink would make it too expensive. So order yours in color, just put a note in the space provided or email us at

Here’s our recommended colors:

macross trio navy blue shirtmacross trio gray shirt

macross trio royal blue shirtmacross trio black shirt


Help support MacrossWorld Convention 2013 by purchasing our second fundraiser shirt.

macross trio shirt


macross trio shirt post

T-shirts are available to order through September 20th only!! We will be using a new vendor this time that will guarantee production to be available before MW Con so rest assured you’ll get your T-shirts on time!

To order, please complete the T-shirt order form below. Thanks for supporting MW Con 2013!