Macross VF Poll Results

The Macross VF Poll that was run on Facebook from January 16 to February 8 has ended and the results are in!

The classics are called so for a reason it would appear, as the good old VF1S placed first.


Full listing after the jump →

(1) VF-1S

(2) YF-29

(3) YF-19

(4) VF-25/TW1

(5) VF-25

(6) VF-19 Fire Valkyrie

(7) VF-1S Strike Valkyrie

(8) VF-1J

(9) VF-27

(10) VF-2SS

(11) YF-21

(12) VF-1S (Max)

(13) VF-17S

(14) VF-4

(15) SV-51y (Ivanof)





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