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Macross The First – Vol. 1

In January 2009, Publisher Kadokawa Shoten released Macross Ace. A magazine that was dedicated to the different aspects of the multiple generational series and included in it was manga that marked the return of Haruhiko Mikimoto to the world of Macross. In November 2009, they released Macross The First Vol. 1, a manga booklet that collected the first 2 chapters that was released in Macross Ace 1 & 2.

Macross The First Volume 1 cover

The new manga retells the story of the original TV series, but is updated to mix the designs of the movie and the series as well as add a new flare that reflects Mikimoto’s current style. There are also very big differences.  For example in this version, Minmay is working as a show room type model that is showing off the new some new aircraft to a crowd of reporters, so she is no longer hanging out with her little cousin from the TV series. Instead she is accompanied by a pet… I don’t know. It looks like a mix between a squirrel and a cat that wears a hoodie and a pair of eye glasses. There are also subtle differences to the VF-1 structurally and significant ones cosmetically. In this version, you’ll see that Hikaru still pilots a 1J but it’s closer to the scheme of his DYRL 1A.

Chapter 1 follows the story of Super Dimensional Fortress: Macross Episode 1, Booby Trap.

Chapter 2 follows the story of Super Dimensional Fortress: Macross Episode 2, Countdown.

This isn’t meant to be a review, but I can honestly say that I am loving these books so far. It solidifies what can be considered canon as far I’m concerned with the storyline and designs. A conflict that was always there between the movie and the show. We’re suppose to believe that the movie is a movie within the universe but all the sequels honor on DYRL as far as designs. And the toy companies also seem to rely on the movie as far as initial releases. It also makes up for all the episodes that were drawn so sloppily. It serves as an over all fix, which in my opinion was badly needed by the Macross SDF storyline. If you have a chance and can still find the first book, checking out this series is definitely worth it.

Check out Mikimoto’s interior art:

ISBN: 978-4-04-715319-6-C0979

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