Macross SpeakerPODcast EP.12 (Part 2) – Hound Squadron, SCRAMBLE!


Feb. 11, 2014 – in the second half of Episode 12 of Macross SpeakerPODcast… CONTROVERSY STRIKES!

We report back on Mylene Night #04 and try to work out why the event was shuttered after only four years. The Crew then weighs in on the controversy surrounding the Valkryie Project fan film – we may not know why it was shut down, but we can say with certainty who WASN’T behind it! Finally, Renato takes the mic for his inaugural ‘SuperdiMENTIONABLES Corner‘ – a new segment where we discuss recent issues and forum topics. This episode we look at the cost of being a Macross fan. Has Macross priced itself out of the market? Is it beyond the reach of newer fans? Tune in to find out!

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Part 1 can be hound HERE.

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Episode 12: Part 2
00:00:00 – Mylene Night #04
00:35:50 – Valkyrie Project
01:04:00 – Renato’s SuperdiMENTIONABLES Corner
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