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Macross Concier

Beginning June 3rd, Docomo smartphones will be offering a new service called ‘Macross Concier.’

Basically, this provides the subscriber with their choice of a Sheryl or Ranka voice for their smartphones equivalent of Siri. This appears to be the same basic tech that was used for the Misato Kusanagi news service that used to be offered on the Japanese Playstation Network.

Macross Concier will offer two types of service.

The Siri-esque voice synthesizer will be offer voices by Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee via Docomo’s ‘Shabette Kyara’ service, while the ‘Machi Kyara’ service (animated homescreens and menus) will offer Macross characters Lynn Minmei, Nekki Basara, and Mylene Jenius.

Services will be offered in both monthly subscriptions and pay-as-you-go payment plans ranging from 315 yen to 2100 yen.