Macross SpeakerPODcast Ep. 1 – From the distant past of 2011

With Megaupload being gone, and given the generally positive reaction Episode 3 has received (thanks for the feedback guys!), I am re-encoding Episodes 1 & 2 of the podcast and posting them here in Macross World.

This is the first episode we attempted to record – the weekend after Wings of Farewell hit cinemas in Japan. This was long before any sort of English translations were available so we discuss general opinions about the film at the time, as well as report on the various events that were happening in Japan to commemorate both its opening and the final end of the Macross Frontier rollercoaster that had been going strong for the past 3 years.

Please keep in mind that there were several technical issues and the acoustics were far from great (this is something we have improved in subsequent episodes).

For anyone who missed it the first time around, I hope you have as much fun listen to it as we had recording it.

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