Arcadia YF-19 mecha porn released

Back in June, it was announced on a flyer within the newly released Macross Plus Blu-Ray that a new 1/60 YF-19 was due early next year from the newly christened Arcadia Toy Company. This will be the first new mold of a Macross Toy since their debut in the beginning for the year. With a price point of  34400 円 in Japan, this will be one important test in the new company’s venture into Macross Toys. But the positive buzz within the fandom has made this one highly anticipated toy. And with all the accouterments it comes with, it’s hard to resist even at the high cost… not to mention it’s (expletive) beautiful!

1/60 Perfect Transformation YF-19 with Fast Pack
“Macross Plus”

About 31 cm (12.2″) total length (fighter mode): 1/60 scale 
Manufacturer: Arcadia 
Price: 34,440 yen (%5 tax included) . To be released in April 2014

Pics from Cybergundam blog


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