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1/48 Gakken Legioss Armo Soldier review???

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12 hours ago, captain america said:

For what it's worth, my 1/48 BUSTER (Legioss Soldier mode) is just about 24cm to the top of the shoulders, minus the clearance of the shoulder-pod or head antennae, which would give it a real-world height of about 11.52m. Substantially taller than the 8.75m stats, yet when compared to my same-scale Crabs, they most closely resemble the size comparison pic above. Just sayin'.

So I wonder why and how 8.75 became the "norm" for the Soldier's Height???  Now if "they" had done Invid mecha "KITS" in 1/72 and 1/48 to the 8.75 height, even given the error of that height I would NOT HAVE COMPLAINED AT ALL!!!  

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