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Otakon 2016 • August 12-14 • Women of Robotech Panel

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Our "Women Of Robotech" panel is tentatively scheduled to kick off Otakon 2016 at 9AM on Friday the 12th. The current schedule posted is just a preview schedule and subject to change. Keep an eye out for updates.

This year, we are opening with a Japanese version of the 1970s Wonder Woman TV theme sung by the Tirolian Muses. We'll explore how animation changed over the years, Robotech's importance in the 80s, and focus on the roles the women portrayed in each chapter of the series.


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Here's a post "Women Of Robotech" Otakon 2016 panel picture, representing music from all three chapters:

Macross - Lynn Minmei (Lynn Minmay)

Southern Cross - Musica/Allegra/Octavia

Mospeada - Yellow Dancer (Yellow Belmont)


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