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Price for Studio Halfeye YF19, YF21 and Fastpack?

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I know that the YF-21 has been asked and answered, but I can't seem to find a suggested price for all 3.

I bought them in 1997, attempted a few steps on the YF-19 and then realized, sadly, this was waaay beyond my limited skills. I'm looking to sell them as a set and, since you guys are the Macross masters, I was wondering what a fair price would be.

I'm not looking to make a mint or even sell them for what I bought them for, I just want to sell them to someone who really wants them and save them the fate of sitting in a box for another 15 years.

Thanks, guys.

Also, took these pictures at 3 in the A.M. better ones, will full detail of all the parts, will be done tomorrow.











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These things went for a fortune back in the day. I have not paid attention to prices on these in years.

With the Yamato versions being available, it seems to me they would be worth less than a few years ago, but then again the Studio Half-Eyes are getting more rare.

I would start at $200 for all 3, but that's just me, and that's a lot less than they went for say 5 years back. I would wait until you have more responses before making a decision. i could be way off.

Good luck, I love these kits when finished well, but you hardly ever see them finished. ;)

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Yeah, I figured. Since the 1/60's came out these would be less popular. I know getting a Yamato YF-19 killed any desire for me to try to build it.

Thanks for the input, though.

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