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Hi MW,

this is my first post and I am here to see if anyone is going to this http://providenceanime.com/ . It is the first year of PAC and ITS ROBOTECH!!!! :angry: After reading up on HG forum and the reason why we cant have Macross w/o 'illegally' DL'ing all the recent episodes I gotta say that Im pissed that hobotech is taking the cake for PAC and a friend (who told me about this site) are going in order to raise hell to

THIS GUY http://providenceanime.com/programming/guests/mckeever.shtml

Hell or hi water they NOT hear us out.

poo, they are still accepting panelists and Id like to see a ninja Macross attack. :ph34r:


hehe sh!t IS poo (funny editing MW)

Anyway. Macross World is great. Much needed and greatly appreciated. B))

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