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  1. Oh man oh man oh man, I don't use the word "giddy" to describe my mood, ever....But this news brings it to mind. Thanks for the update!
  2. Blorg! Came here a bit late. Me and my better half are here. We're dressed up as Major and Batou from '95 GitS. Please say hello if you see us. Also, there's a Skull Squadron jacket (don't think it's a bootleg) in the dealer's room
  3. Hello all! Thank you for the updates and hard work. Lots of details in the finishing process = love Happy New Year MW! I'm putting the finishing touches on the new display setup. I'll post 'em to ring in the new year!
  4. Thank you! Been a many year long hunt that finally ended. I can only imagine the response you ppl got, thanks for the updates and pic posting Jasonc. I'm too glad to be a little drop in this flood
  5. Just checking in, I know it's the long haul and you guys are working through the orders. Mind if I get an update on the painted 1/60 I ordered? I can use this post to brag that I finally got my hands on a 1/60 VF-11B and the Drone Fighter will fill in my M+ shelf perfectly. Thanks again
  6. had a great trade deal with bbrain Hoping to get on the straight shooter list once he gets his. Thanks again!
  7. Sharon Intel

    Macross Plus 2

    Great setup, looking good
  8. VF5SS Ride of the Valkries was awesome as always, great to see some Delta content. The extra 30 min helped too, no need to fly through the last pages. Looking forward to your hockey panel later today renegadeleader1!
  9. Consider this my PM to all the cool treasure you have ;-) she fits..........IN THE GEAR BAG!?!?!? Ok, deff going to your panel, no more spoilers pls, hitler coke bunny was a great ice breaker.
  10. Sweet! Hockey! At risk of sounding like a complete weeb, I don't watch much, if any, sports but Japanese baseball is very entertaining. Can only imagine what JP hockey is like. Maybe a sample ? Count me in for your panel for sure.
  11. Looking forward to it for sure. See you in a few weeks! Bringing anything to the swap meet? I might gather some stuff
  12. Hey there MW, It's AB '16 time again. Me and the Mrs will be there all weekend. Looking forward to it and hopefully meeting up with you guys again. Last years panels by VF5SS were really well done and appreciated. Putting aside the dub/sub argument, Tony Oliver (the dub voice of Rick Hunter) will be there. I'm happy to meet someone that had a hand in bringing Macross to my childhood. Pic courtesy of COLLECTIONdx@_@ Hope to see you there! edit* pic didn't upload
  13. Family first is top priority, no questions. Strength to you and your family in this hard time.
  14. Sry, not a re-release, the bandai site shows out of stock. Looking into it the preorders started in Oct and all I saw was "sold out" then suddenly it shows as available for preorder again. Guess they're pumping out more to add to the war, too many valks blowing up regults. edit: just stopped by amiami & the preorder is closed
  15. Well, my compulsion and excitement mixed with a bit of exhaustion got the better of me.... The HI-METAL REGULT is getting a re-release and amiami has it for $10 USD less than solaris & they already charged my paypal, not going to cancel, still happy to get one. Here is the link for amiami. Happy shopping! (should have tagged the HI-METAL to my google news homepage)
  16. Hey everyone, of you're like me and missed the preorder for the HI-METAL R (at 3am on a work night...) I found them for sale here https://solarisjapan.com/products/macross-regult-hi-metal-r-bandai Thoughts? Legit? Bootleg? .....Scam? -__- I jumped, let you know if it lands or if I crashed and burned $$$.
  17. Whoa... There's nothing sane about that price, $150 would maybe cover the 1/72 but nowhere near average 1/60 price. PM sent anyways and thank you for the heads up claude grant! Here's to hope. Thank you for the heads up! Please though, next time a VF-11 goes for that price feel free to call/text/email/knock on my door. I'll provide all that info for a deal like that, and my first born.
  18. PM sent, I bet all you bastards have 1 already and just want another to display XD =p Give this bastard a shot @_@ please? I wonder what the real price is o_0
  19. This has been an amazing project. Thanks for all the updates and pics. Great works take time, looking forward giving my yf-19 & yf-21 a new target now if I could track down a vf-11b for a sane price.
  20. Yes! Very happy this got another go aroun. Orders received & placed! Now.... Where to put it @_@
  21. I am in SF for a wedding but sadly won't be able to make the Con.... To anyone in the area early there is a Blue Angels Air Show (ending oct 12th) http://fleetweeksf.org/events/ Is there anyway to purchase a MacrossWorld Con 2015 shirt?
  22. Leaving this up for one more week. Price is $150 shipped and insured with tracking for continental US, pm me for shipping quotes beyond that. Thank you!
  23. Bump, still up for sale! Edit* Price drop to $150
  24. PM sent! If the Ghost get's made i'll be buying that as well. Thanks for making this possible!
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