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Found 2 results

  1. http://project-pandora.jp Juushinki Pandora, a 26 episode anime directed by Shoji Kawamori (of Macross fame), produced by Satelight in colaboration with Xiamen Skyloong Media will be airing on Spring 2018. "A outcast scientist were living together with his 'sister', until one day, a quantum experiment went wrong, unleashing Dragons and Biomechanical-lifeforms from other dimensions into our world......" Introduction from the official website in Japanese: 2031年、「翔龍クライシス」が起きたその日、レオン・ラウはまさにその中心にいた。枯渇する環境資源の代替として研究、開発された次世代エネルギー装置「量子リアクター」が暴走し未知なるエネルギーを撒き散らし爆発したのだ。それにより世界の環境は激変した。人類以外の生物や機械は独自の進化を遂げ、誕生した特異進化生物「B.R.A.I」。その勢力に人類は絶滅寸前まで追い詰められていた。 「翔龍クライシス」から7年後、レオンは絶対防衛都市ネオ翔龍のはずれにある荒野にいた。「家族契約」を交わしたクロエ・ラウと共同生活をしながら、「B.R.A.I」に対抗するべく独自の研究を行っていた。もっさりなレオンに世話焼きなクロエ。ときに過去を忘れるかのような日々に、しかし、脅威は着実に迫っていた。 From Google Translate: On 2031, the day that "Xianglong Crisis" occurred, Leon Lau was in the very center. Next-generation energy equipment "quantum reactor" researched and developed as a substitute for the exhausted environmental resource runaway it exploded with dispersing unknown energy. As a result, the environment of the world suddenly changed. Biological and machinery other than mankind has evolved independently, a unique evolutionary organism that was born "BRAI". Humanity has been chased to the point of extinction for its power. Seven years after "Xianglong Crisis", Leon was in the wilderness on the edge of the absolute defense city Neo Xianglong. While co-living with Chloe Lau who had "family contract", he was doing his own research to counter B.R.A.I. Chewy Chloe with a slim Leon. Living everyday as if to forget the past, but the threat was pressing steadily.
  2. http://www.project-the-next.com http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-06-30/macross-creator-shoji-kawamori-satelight-unveil-new-tv-anime-for-global-launch/.103832 http://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2016/07/01/shoji-kawamori-to-helm-new-anime-series-global-release-planned/#73ba19313f25