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  1. I'll try to grab one. I'm not a huge Spartan fan, But i want to encourage release of more Destroids. Was hoping CD Japan link would be up by now as i have a lot of 'points' there built up. HLJ is my fave but their preorder pages go up at erratic times.

  2. Anyone planning to recreate the glaug antenna with 3d printing for when they inevitably break? I'm packing up to move, and one of them is missing due to packing so I only have one left and its intact, but who knows how long.

    Alternately, anyone buy 3-4 glaugs and want to sell a spare antenna?

  3. Definitely ordering this if i CAN. Really like the 1J but GPB adds too much to if for me. (Hides the beauty of original valk and costs extra)

    June 1 date confirmed? Looks like it one tamashii website...

  4. Update - Regult Sold.


    New In Box Unopened Hi-Metal R Regult

    So I mentioned a while back I bought an extra Regult, in the Hi-Metal R thread, and I've been waffling over whether to sell it or not. Finally decided I'd give it a shot. Wanted to put it here because A. Macross Fans, and B. No ebay fees.



    S.H. Figuarts Captain Phasma, also new unopened

    YES i will sell separately. I don't really expect to find anyone to buy Phasma here but I thought I'd tack it on my Regult before dealing with ebay.


    US Shipping only.

    I don't know how most people do shipping. But I'm not looking to make any profit on these guys, or take a big loss.

    I'm thinking I will get your Zip Code and charge you the actual shipping cost to you for the kind of shipping you want to use. I'm in no big rush so I can work with buyer.


    I am http://www.ebay.com/usr/lavinrac on ebay. I have NOTHING for sale on there so this is not to trick anyone into looking at other sales, but 62 transactions with 100% positive. I am no professional seller. Thats just to show some track record of not scamming, since I have not sold here. Been a member here since forever though.



  5. Wow! Regult jsut arrived.

    1. I love it. Its great. Its also huge. I expected it to be smaller. The metal joints are awesome.

    2. I'll definitely be selling my second one unopened when it arrives. for NOT a markup (well to cover my shipping but no scalper pricing) Its cool but I dont need an army. It's coming by SAL so i will post in 6-8 months. ;)

  6. The blu-ray is 40 GB. It is possible to re-encode it to a 15 GB video file and remain perfectly watchable. You can add subtitles easily if your device supports MKV or MP4 playback. It does not always have to be blu-ray.

    Oh yea watching without a burner is no problem. I've got a mini displayport to hdmi cable to hook the mac into the tv, or a usb stick to put in the PS3 or PS4. No big deal. :) Looks like the dvd burners Ive seen do single layer 25gb and not 50gb. (Maybe those exist and I havent seen them.. Either way it looks good now and is watchable.


  7. Would you be able to share it with us?

    If it's allowed, I'll gladly share the file. If not you should easily be able to find it.


    - rip track 02 off new 2016 macross blu-ray into an mkv file with MakeMKV

    - Download file Macross_DYRL_1_1984_Eng.zip from http://subsmax.com/subtitles-movie/macross-do-you-remember/-english

    - Unzipabove and used Macross - Do You Remember Love - Eng.srt as starting point.

    - Open up website http://subshifter.bitsnbites.eu/

    - Upload the .srt file. Shift by MINUS 13.9..

    - take resulting file and added as a subtitle track in MakeMKV

    - Save. Now watch with subs. They are 'pretty closely timed' .. not perfect but good enough for me..

    Also. Unless you have a blu-ray burner you'll have to watch on you computer.

  8. I dont have sticker shock so much as I just have never been a huge fan of the monster.. So its an easy pass for me. I have paid that for Metal Gundams.. and a few other things.

    Also.. Yea. the Detolf Comment. it wont fit in my shelves!

  9. I really hope thy don't Kill the Hi-Metal R line when we dont all rush out and buy this in multiples. I gotta sit this one out. I dont LOVE it enough to pay that.

  10. So for those of us not familiar with the history of all versions of Macross DYRL available on AND offline..

    I have the legit DVD (forget which year), a Subbed HK DVD to go with it, uglier picture but I can follow the plot better, the 2012 Blu Ray, and Now this 2016 Blu Ray just arrived today.

    I already know how to rip Blu Ray to disc. Is there a simple way to extract the subs from the old HK-DVD and put them onto the rip of my new Blu Ray?

    (PS I don't care if this is legit. I have paid for this movie so many times its ridiculous ;) ;) )

  11. I wouldn't take too much stock in what those pictures on AmiAmi look like. To me it looks like a 3d printed prototype thats been painted. Look at how all the large pieces have rows of 'lines' everywhere that are characteristic of something that has come off a 3d printer and not been cleaned up yet.

  12. Was in stock at AmiAmi AND CDJapan just a few mins ago. And stunningly it mustve gone up on time or near to on HLJ cause its already order stopped. HLJ is my favorite.. but they must be everyone elses too.

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