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  1. On 9/17/2019 at 8:19 AM, Bobby said:

    Could you elaborate on "DYRL does include the Patlabor game"? Like the PS1 Patlabor game in it's entirety or something else? Thanks

    Im not familiar with Patlabor, i just remember when I was buying this game it was a big price difference on whether it includes Patlabor the game.  It says ver. 2.0.  I dont know if its a full game or not, I didnt play it I just loaded the disc to make sure it worked and it does.


  2. Just now, no3Ljm said:

    Hey B! AE is pay upfront, yes?

    Yes they are pay up front which is why I usually don't go through them.  But I dont really feel like playing the game this time around

  3. I got one at amiami. First time since the YF-25 and 2nd time overall and I've tried for every pre-order. Strange this is I refreshed right on the dot but it took a good 30 seconds to load the page so I was looking at other sites by then, and the pre-order button came out so I gave it a shot. The order process was slow and took 2 minutes, well after people reported it was sold out. I honestly think it's some kind of lottery as I didn't do anything special and my internet speed is meh, so somehow I just got lucky.

    How many people got one from amiami? They are so useless to get preorders from. It's like they only have 5 copies or a shitload of scalpers using a script or something.

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