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  1. Hi everyone, managed to steal some time into macross modeling (sorry for my long absent). its been almost like 3 years since my last updates. Did the cockpit of the zeroes, most of it were hand painted...(yeah, got problem with my airbrush compressor, the air pressure regulator cracks).... vf-0s roy focker vf-0a shin kudo vf-0b H tenjin and L itano vf-0c vf-0d shin kudo and edgar la salle sorry for the quality of the paint job and the pictures... need to touch up abit here and there, especially the pilot helmets... will update
  2. thanks for the nice words, a little update on the progress... built the legs for the vf-0c last night, and while checking the parts for the vf-0b, there's an extra fast packs which is not needed for the vf-0b (since the vf-0b is an experimenting/ test type jet, while the 0c is a fighter jet, i want the 0c to look more aggressive with the fast packs on it...) i'm customizing the fast packs for the vf-0c... the 0c legs + 0b fast pack the fast packs did not fit to the 0c legs...need to cut the fast packs to fit on the leg area to cut is marked in red... test fitting of the fast pac
  3. Hi all, this is my first WIP since 2011...been busy with kids and all...and am still busy + this is a 5 in 1 WIP thus this will be kinda slow progress (i mean very slow) with very brief write-up... Bought these few years back... 1/72 hasegawa VF-0A/S with Ghost 1/72 hasegawa VF-0B 1/72 hasegawa VF-0C 1/72 hasegawa VF-0D 1/72 hasegawa VF-0S painted all the pilots...
  4. hasegawa 1/72 scale vf-25g pre-order... http://www.hlj.com/product/HSG65826/Sci
  5. great job petar, ....and i think you should do the WIP as well....so realistic
  6. i'm soooo jealous....love your works..as always...cant wait for the final shots
  7. hi Valk009, i didn't notice the pre-order thread, just wondering whether u still have extra kits? I'd really like one....by the way, how much does it cost?
  8. love it man, love homeworld....and congrats. any plan to mass produce this? ....any future plans for other spacecrafts from homeworld series?
  9. vf-25g custom color click here
  10. thanks all for the encouraging words.... hi petar, the final pics are as close as the real model, it's actually red not purplish, i think there's nothing wrong with ur monitor color calibration, its just that in the work progress i used a different camera and most of the pics were taken during night time. the final pics was taken at day time near a window with a better/higher quality camera. yes, it is the supplied pilot. the canopy was great, i dip it in future shine, let it dry....and it fits just great! (with some mods at the cockpit according to ur instructions...) the weathering....h
  11. just finished a simple model from hasegawa...1:72 scale VE-1 elintseeker. started last month....completed last night. comments are most welcome
  12. thanks everyone for the kind words....really appreciate it. hi Arthurius, oil wash is one of the techniques many modelers use to enhance the look of their models, especially aircraft, to enhance panel lines and other detail. mr Hobby Flat Clear is just a miniature clear coat spray which will give the non-shine or flat or matte look finishes....and the brand is Mr. Hobby...not recommended though, if sprayed to thick, the final finishing will look like kinda hazy...would prefer tamiya flat clear spray.
  13. finished at last!!!!! sorry guys for the very long delay ....life was pretty hectic. neways, enjoy the pics. i'll appreciate any comments from the model masters here...
  14. hi shinagami, i m from malaysia too..which part of malaysia that u from? ;)

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