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  1. the only reason the headlights turned yellow is the manufacturers used yellow headlamp bulbs instead of white ive never seen a headlamp go yellow when usinga white or blue bulb, but ford had this problem on the mondeos (contours) as they used yellow bulbs and over the years turned the light lenses yellow
  2. it does not harm paint so no masking is required, that tf has a painted head and its made it cleaner without damaging the paint
  3. heres the after pics once cleaned with water and assembled you can see in this pic the blistering on the light grey joints also a warning, do not get this stuff on your hands, i did and it gave my fingers pins and needles and also turned them white taking the moisture out my fingers, clean off with cold soapy water asap and moisturise your hands if you get any on you anyway for the sake of £10 its worth givingit ago ona junker and see how you get on, at least there isa way of fixing yellowing toys and i will be doing the same to some of my tfs which have badly yellowed over the years
  4. thouht id post this up as i read a few years ago about a solution to fix yellowing toys well i had a go this week and these are my results the solution is hydrogen peroxide, you need the 35% food grade stuff and can be bought off ebay i used a transformer which i had so thought id give it ago heres some pics of before and after all stripped down once at this stage give each part a clean with some soapy water and tooth brush also you dont have to take the item completly to bits i left the arms intact next put in a glass jar and fill with solution this needs to be put into direct sunlight, and you will start to see air bubbles in the solution, if in direct sunlight for a couple of hours then the process will be quicker, unfortuantly for me i didnt have much sunlight so had to leave it in solution for 4 days now just be carefull, with coloured plastic as it can be turned white, so you need to keep an eye on it, and also some softer plastics, as the softer plastics on this, mainly joints have blistered so i need to replace these, but the rest are perfectly intact, no softeness in the plastics at all, if you do different colours, use different jars i just tested it all in one jar as it was a junker
  5. d/l each one from in parts, install hjsplit, once download just open hjsplit and then its common sense, it puts them into a zip file, unzip extract etc, then you have your folder with the avi in it ive just spent couple hrs d/l and converting it to dvd and its now in my dvd player on tele to watch , ive had a quick scan through and im so looking for ward to watching this oh you will also need to convert the avi file if you want to burn it onto disc the big d/l is corrupted and the 8 parts take less than an hr to download
  6. wel li bought a iwata eclipse from a local model store always has 10 yrs warranty which i couldnt complain about, havnt tried it out yet but in the next week or so i will
  7. ok if i was going to go for a iwata, what model would be best i build have some gundams i want to build these ra ethe 1/60 scale, but i also have some macross battroids to build aswell though being a lot smaller
  8. my compressor has the water trap, and tank etc and ha sbeen fine ive only uses tamiya acrylics, andthese have been thinned down, i couldnt use it thick the airbrush wouldnt take it but dont forget im not using a badger, i was using a cheap immatation one copied from a badger design but i just couldnt work with teh jars, i even bought more jars for it so i had ones for different things i need a gravity fed one as i think they will be better
  9. every badger airbrush ive found has the glass jars they are a good idea,but i carnt get on with them as sometimes the pipe doesnt come off as it should and is a pain to clean i want something that is easy to clean, will be reliable and work as it should when it needs too
  10. that very one lol its a cheap remake of the badger, plu si never got on well with the glass jars, and it kept clogging up, was a pain to clean and everything, the tubes in the jars were a nightmare to clean i was told by a local model shop to look for iwata as they seem to be the very best but id be interested in other brands, as long as there gravity fed and parts are easily available incae the worse does happen
  11. just wondering what make of air brushes do you use as i need a new one im looking at the iwata range something like this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BRAND-NEW-IWATA-HP-C...1QQcmdZViewItem i have about $200 to spend on a decent airbrush as my last airbrush i managed to get 2 models done before it packed up lol and want to get back into it again now i have the time again
  12. thanks for the comments i will be adding panel lines to the fast pack, i also want to paint the little side boosters in alclad steellike ive done with the feet and head lasers and armour boosters with a bit of jet exhaust on them, though ive never used these before i need some practice still with them lol
  13. decals will be just some evil jetfire stickers from reprolabels
  14. yeah im still looking into the airbrushes at the minute, but everything is packed up now as i need the workbench, so once ive got to the stage i carnt work on the car until parts arrive ill dig it all out again and get some models built
  15. yeah, im gona gloss the armour, just my airbrush packed up, will never by a cheap one again thats for sure i need to flat the paint off some bits where i forgot to mask the armour but this is no biggy really will sort it out as soon as i get anothr airbrush im looking at th iwata range at the minute as ive been told they are very good
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