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    Tony left them the ultimate weapon, more powerful than the stones. A working time machine with a time GPS!! So anytime the avenger messed, they can just use it to reset set their mistakes. 

    Heck, following their logic, if they want to be selfish, they could go back a couple days and pull Tony and Black widow into their timeline and let the other timeline/other alt universe get destroy...

  2. If not, are there any suggestions for what I'm looking for? Here are things I like in an anime:

    Non-retarded MC who actually behaves like a normal person.

    Strong female co-lead who isn't just a pair of huge tits.

    Light on anime tropes and/or heavily parodies anime tropes

    Great supporting cast

    Implied romantic involvement. I like to see the MC "get the girl", especially if she's exceptionally good-looking and deserves to win his affections.

    Sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, mecha elements

    Some light ecchi is okay. Too much ruins the series.

    I loved the characters and story of Campione!, so this is the kind of show I'm looking for. Aside from a very weird kissing scene late in the series, this show had a) strong MC who wasn't a complete dunce, b) strong, beautiful female co-lead, c) interesting story with lots of supernatural elements, d) didn't stoop to insult the intelligence of its viewers with nonsensical plot holes and twists.

    Your help is greatly appreciated. :)

    I recommend checking out Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- (Japanese: Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 Hepburn: Ri:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu)

    The beginning is a little slow, but stick with it, it will be worth it. the MC may whine a bit, but you would too if all these events happened to you.

    Another decent one is "Erased", it has a sci-fi element to it and the MC is not an idiot.

  3. Voice actress and singer Tomo Sakurai announced on her official website on Thursday that she is retiring from voice acting. She stated in her announcement that it has become more difficult for her to use her voice, and she decided to retire for that reason. She noted that she has been working in the entertainment industry for three decades, and will stop updating her homepage.


  4. Finally!! a North America release!!!

    From TFW2005

    Thanks to the Transformers Facebook page and Shout! Factory’s Twitter handle, we’ve learned that the 1986 animated film, Transformers: The Movie, will be remastered and released on September 13, 2016! From the Transformers Facebook page:

    Some things just get better with age. 30 years later, The Transformers: The Movie is back, and it’s completely remastered. Pick it up this September.

    This release celebrates the 30th anniversary of the film and marks the very first time the movie will be released in high definition on Blu-ray! The discussion thread is already lighting up with excitement, share your thoughts as well!


  5. dayuummmm..

    My greatest wish now is for kawamori san to hook up with blizzard entertainment to make a macross like we have never seen b4!! B))B))

    Yeah, I really wished they made a movie or series for it

    Here's one for Winston, it's not as good as the widow maker, but it still adds to the story

  6. Unlike a lot of people I always kind of liked the IDEA of transformers turning into organic animals (If you know there are transformable robots out there, would you be looking for an ape or a taxi cab?)

    I'm not a fan of the organic look, so I'll pass on this as well. For those who like them, I'm glad TT released these for them.

    As for the question of looking for transforming robots...unless Prime is in a Jungle or nature setting, he will be sticking out like a sore thumb in a city while a transforming taxi would blend in nicely in a city :-P

    Humans would more likely be shooting at loose animals in the city than shooting a empty vehicles....just saying....

  7. The issues on MP-08 aren't bad per se but the toy shows its age now. First of all I'm not a fan of gimmicks for the toys since they usually take away from the experience of being a transformable toy and usually lead to a clash with my top priorities of a transforming toy (engineering and fit and finish).

    That said I think the two biggest detriments of MP-08 are the light up gimmick for the fist leading to a non posable hand and the tail wiggle feature make it floppy and flimsy in robot mode. I also don't like the way the torso transforms. It doesn't lock into place so every time you try to manipulate the toy you unseat the chest. It feels very floppy in hand too. The shoulder mechanism also needs to work perfectly. On mine one shoulder is pushed outwards leaving a big gap between the upper body and the shoulder joint making it a very unsightly robot-mode. Again due to the mechanism it feels floppy.

    Other cons would be the slim midriff around the waist and the cheap looking gun (again due to the fact that it needs to encompass a gimmick that doesn't really work well).

    Since I'm a bit of a naysayer I have to stress that MP Grimlock is a good toy (even a great toy when he was originally released). It just doesn't cater to my preferences and is too floppy. I think FansToys Grinder has the possibility to get all the stuff I don't like about MP-08 right (even if his waist is too narrow).

    I see what you mean. My MP Grimlock also has that shoulder issue too. I google Grinder and he does indeed look awesome. I just hope he doesn't cost an arm and a leg when he's released. Thanks for getting back to me on this!

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