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  1. I am downsizing all my collections, that means even macross. Experten vf-4 sd Unbuilt and in its box still in the plastc. 130 shipped Hi-metal vf-1D Taken out to inspect then back to shelved. Sold Prices usd and shipping within the US.
  2. Penguin sushi

    Hi-Metal R

    I kinda want an sd...
  3. Penguin sushi

    Hi-Metal R

    Okay question, i know a few of you guys have the fext owl armour. How is the fitting and is it worth getting?
  4. Vf-4 sd experteen wonderfest kit.... I didn't expect it to be so small... For the price...
  5. Not exactly a toy, but will be making stuff with it to entertain myself...
  6. Penguin sushi

    Hi-Metal R

    Got mine from amiami a little bit ago, but i am loving jungle. Jungle had a regult in and i had to jump on it.
  7. 1/100 fully transformable. It is a recast off of the s.h.e. kit that was put out a while ago.
  8. Penguin sushi

    Hi-Metal R

    Arg, wish someone had one for sale, the one i was eyeballing at jungle hot snipped...
  9. But if i can cast some then i will not feel bad modding them...
  10. Wish i could recast it and have a bunch to play with... Surprised i actually won it off ebay.
  11. Penguin sushi

    Hi-Metal R

    Isnt there a stand coming out soon that is for hmr line that looks like a dockung arm?
  12. Penguin sushi

    Hi-Metal R

    Isn't there a new stand coming out like next month...
  13. Penguin sushi

    Hi-Metal R

    If yall break one and decide to sell it cheap, think of me i want to fo a conversion..
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