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  1. Thank you Perxion. I’ve been waiting this for ages. You’re the best!
  2. Agree. I may not buy these Legiosses. In Mospeada only the armour bikes attract my attention. These motorbikes are the main dishes to me. The macross valkyrie looks much better in jet fighter mode IMO (because they look like F14/F15?) .Of course die-hard mospeada fans will still get Legioss.
  3. Looks like their usual figures 1:28 scale, so small, 2.5 inch? In this scale, unlikely to transform. I check b2.five’s Facebook photos.
  4. Nice to know this cement as alternative. Thanks a lot mechaninac!
  5. Thanks mechaninac. It is crystal clear after becoming dry? Have you ever used this "MR.HOBBY" glue?
  6. There is a kind of modelling glue specially for transparent parts. I may use that.
  7. Definitely. In Stick and Ray, they’d already used the wrong type of glue in the headlights. There were whitening in the transparent parts.
  8. Thanks Mog. I guess I need to use some kind of glue to fix it, since the tab is not very deep. It popped off when I was transforming it back to bike mode. It happened when I was adjusting the “ level “ of it.
  9. Nothing broken (maybe a little in the windshield tab edge), seems just popped off while transforming back to bike mode.
  10. I play carefully and they still come loose....
  11. I've just inspected my bikes and I notice one side of Yellow has white stress mark. Ray has nothing. The worst is Stick : both sides are already cracked!!! OMG!!! It is an engineering failure!
  12. Thanks. Your Stick is 1st or 2nd release? Mine is 1st. My scratch in Stick’s belly was significant after I transformed it once only. I guess it is a design issue. The pressure between the two parts are too tight. Luckily I took it to Sentinel and they replaced the belly part for me.
  13. Did the bike's central metal rod leave any scratch on Yellow's belly after transformation? I remember my Stick's belly was scratched after transformation.
  14. Yellow's QC is the best among 3 armour cyclones. The saddle bags had been planned when Sentinel started designing Stick and Ray? There is a slot reserved for the saddle bags' hangger in Stick/Ray. I wonder why Sentinel adds the saddle bags only after Yellow if they already planned it. The design of the saddle bags' cover are terrific! The hinge is hided inside.
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