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  1. Seems no progress at all, same grey prototypes w/ no coloring, since last display on Feburary 2020. Nine months by now.
  2. Will you do a review of this Legioss?
  3. The 1st release should be sold out long ago. I wonder why TFSource is still in stock. It is a good deal anyway.
  4. Yes. This is the 1st issue. Be careful when you transform it into armour-mode. You better first put something like adhesive tape in the belly of the figure before putting the bike on the body. Otherwise the metal rod of the bike might leave a stress mark or even scratch the belly. This was my lesson. I heard Sentinel fixed this issue in their 2nd release by fine tuning something.
  5. Congratulation! I always wanna get a second Stick. But it is too late. Once the Legioss was released, almost all Sticks were sold out. Your Stick is 1st or 2nd issue? Could you take a photo of the barcode outside the box?
  6. I wonder if it is a real preorder. I don't see this preorder anywhere else. Besides, arrives in September, very unlikely.
  7. I think Sentinel will fix those known issues as far as they can in the reissue, just like what happened to ride armour Stick.
  8. The sketches are so cool!
  9. Thanks Jenius. I see what you mean. It’s a common design in Japanese cartoon robot. However, it is weird that I can hardly see any opening of cameras in the head. The design of the head could be more stylish.
  10. I never completely watched the cartoon. A silly question: Does Legioss have eyes? As the cockpit is inside the body and facing downward, how can the pilot see the surroundings and control the robot?
  11. Definitely super complicated transformation! I dare not to buy it and transform it. It involves too many pivots. I doubt these pivots durability, especially from Sentinel.
  12. Thank you Perxion. I’ve been waiting this for ages. You’re the best!
  13. Agree. I may not buy these Legiosses. In Mospeada only the armour bikes attract my attention. These motorbikes are the main dishes to me. The macross valkyrie looks much better in jet fighter mode IMO (because they look like F14/F15?) .Of course die-hard mospeada fans will still get Legioss.
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