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  1. Greetings from new community. I bother them with another question regarding the fleets of colonization, launched in the universe of macross. we all know the first fleet that left the earth in September 2012 the famous SDF-02 Megaroad-01. the question I have is, does anyone know where to consult the list of full releases or some similar data. I have some personal doubts about the data that I know, if they can illuminate this personal doubt. Thank you. Greetings and success to all of you.
  2. Greetings one more time. After a week and a half of work they give us the opportunity to write again to thank them for the answers they wrote, to the doubts they had. With these data I have a more accurate understanding of the function of nuclear turbines, created in the macross universe. Thank you.
  3. Good day. I present this first issue in this glorious community, hoping it will be as clear as possible. We all know that in macross VF's use the technology of miniaturized thermonuclear reaction turbines that was created from the technology of ASS-1. Thanks to the OTEC it was possible to create these turbines applied from Valkyrie VF-1, the doubt that stands out is, if the turbines without taking into account the model of VF need to use external fuel, or is the power of the turbines themselves more than enough to not recharge anything else. I have seen some scenes in macross 7 and macross delta that recharge fuel to the VF I have that doubt. I hope it has been as clear as possible. greetings to all.
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