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  1. or steal him from your 1J
  2. It should come with a Hikaru figure
  3. have they always done this live?
  4. Yeah as someone who has never scored one for MSRP. Paying a bit of premium from a seller that marked them up and not having to worry about it makes sense to me.
  5. I think the word "minutes" is generous with most cases.
  6. So this thread is a bit massive at this point... Anyone that has kept up with it know if there are any plans for another missile & fastpack run? Or should I just bite the bullet?
  7. I paid the marked up price at NinNin. It was cheaper than the Hikaru vf-1s mark up i bought at NY so I see it as a win at the moment. Off to bed, GL.
  8. frakk me the wheel was spinning in the cart at hlj D:
  9. hlj working
  10. You cant buy from third party sellers on amazon jp with a us adress.
  11. Getting? From day 1 this has been BS.
  12. I was getting one from amazon and now im stuck at a screen with a button saying "move forward" I think i was robbed
  13. Good god it's about damn time. Arcadia will be rich after this one.
  14. I did it the other week for the missile parts. Forget what the exact steps were that I took, but it did not work the first couple of times, then I got it. Delete the old address from your account and play around with it.
  15. Looks like I just got my order in. Yikes.
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