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  1. How long ago did you submit the request to From Japan?
  2. OMG yes! please give us a 1:35 toy! Also quick side note.. got my refund from NY for my Roy.
  3. So.... Got caught up with family stuff and wasn't able to post My VF-1S arrived from Mandarake last friday. Is perfect, sealed minty fresh as their listing said. Couldn't be happier. I know I shouldn't be posting about it here but I'll keep it short. NY did respond to my email regarding cancellation and refund and said we should leave it in PayPal's hands so I assume they are not contesting my demands. The other interesting development is I can no longer access my NY account. I'd say I've been banned now. Oh well its all on them as far as I am concerned, they did the bri
  4. Thanks guys, I'll try a proxy
  5. Thanks JV but I can't seem to get that website registration to work.. is there any other site offering this?
  6. Any idea where this can be got?
  7. I'm a bit jelly of all you guys who already have theirs! Really glad I found one on Manda and put in a claim against NY. My DHL delivery eta has now revised to Monday 14th.. looks like it got delayed a little in Japan. Oh well.. I'll be on holidays by then so I'll be home to receive it.
  8. Got shipping notification from Mandarake yesterday evening. If it arrives before the weekend great! If not either way as I'm on holidays for a month from this Friday anyways.
  9. I think I will also contact my bank and see what their thoughts on this are.. I will let PayPal do their thing in the mean time.
  10. my apologies, I'll switch over to the appropriate thread.
  11. hehe! soz mate!
  12. Yeah sure thing, DHL to Australia was 8770 jpy which is way cheaper than what NY charged me 13,400 jpy. I have emailed them several times now requesting information on the status of my order which has gone completely unanswered. I emailed them today requesting to cancel my order for a full refund. I have not had a response from that either but I have since contacted PayPal and initiated a claim with them. I have no desire to receive store credit as I will not purchase from them moving forward. Its a very disappointing situation as I have been a long term customer and spent HUGE m
  13. If I call PayPal, what do I say to them? Will they even initiate a claim against NY if I say I want to cancel my order? Or should I email NY first to say I wish to cancel my order and then see how they respond and then tell PayPal? I definitely want to cancel and want to make sure I can get my money back..
  14. That was me! I managed to snag one over the weekend. Just made payment today. Totally random too, I loaded the Mandarake page, searched VF-1S and it was right there! Shipping is with DHL so I should have it by the weekend. Woo!
  15. I didn't think the cut off date was that long, but thanks for letting me know. In the mean time I will try to find one from another store. Does anyone know where they are still available? I have tried Amazon.jp but the website says I cannot be shipped to my location (Australia)
  16. charge back? as in a refund? I paid for it via PayPal back on July 21st. Do you think PayPal will be willing to help me with this?
  17. Its now a week past its official release and still no word from NY.. Has anyone else who ordered with NY heard anything from them?
  18. And still not a peep from NY.. I can't help but have a really bad feeling about this.
  19. Found a Yamato 1:48 VF-1A Angel Birds from Mandarake quite cheap purely for display in fighter mode. Looks to be in pretty clean condition with nothing broken and without any yellowing at all. Though the sticker sheet is missing.. might use a couple kite logos from the DX VF-1J but I won't have the Angel Birds signage for the legs unless I find a cheap Hasegawa 1:48 kit and use the decals from it? Handling this toy it feels so old school!
  20. Still nothing from NY.. not sure i even want to send them a message as they just ignore them anyways. If this goes south and they don't ship my order then I think will seek legal advice to determine what rights or position I am in to be able to get my money back. Though i don't hold highs hopes for this.
  21. And still not a peep out of NY...
  22. I stupidly did but have not heard a peep from them. I have fears that we will be messed about with. I can only hope that NY will prove me wrong. Roy is my last item ordered with them. I'd rather call it quits with the hobby then rely on them for anything moving forward. I don't think i have had as bad and distasteful purchasing experience with anyone else.
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