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  1. What version did you get? The older individual hinge or the newer in pairs? I got the older and they fit great!
  2. What do you use to mark the lines? Do you paint them or use a pen? I saw a video of a guy doing weathering on a Gundam model and he was using a special pen. Great job!
  3. The other would be making a 2 seater or 1 seater like the ones here for 1/60 versions http://www.macrossworld.com/1378/winter-wonder-fest-2012-yamato-booth-guitar-helmet-vf-1-upgrade-parts-photos-by-blackaces-noel/img_0501/ or http://www.macrossworld.com/1378/winter-wonder-fest-2012-yamato-booth-guitar-helmet-vf-1-upgrade-parts-photos-by-blackaces-noel/img_0507/ That would be awesome!!!
  4. How about somthing like these hands. http://www.g-system-shop.com/product_info.php?scale_id=11&products_id=369 I bought a pair thinking they were fine for the 1/60 models but they are too big, Made for the 1/72 1/60 Gandam models which I asuume are bigger. However, they are great! Very possable and good quiality. Just saying..
  5. OK. Thanks . As I said before, it is hard so it took me a while to flatten the surface. So next pair, untouched. Regards.
  6. I started working on them....it was really easy to put the original pins. I used a thin screwdriver to widen the holes a little bit and then I used a small hammer to get it in place. I was afraid of braking it but I realized it is extremely hard. My hinges did not sit in place perfectly, so I flattened the part that goes screwed to the chest using an exacto knife. I will try to use them just like that with doing anything to them but I think I will be having issues specially in fighter mode.
  7. I finally got them and they look great! Now, what should i do next? This granny feeling will disappear after a while or should I polish them somehow? The pin hole is really small ( i got the first release of them) i wonder if it fits...if not i can put some paper clip portions i do not mind. Thanks again for this!!!
  8. Really? Where? I could not find any links or info about them. Are they also available in Shapeways?
  9. Now, the next project would be to get those 1 or 2 seats, on the home page news, that go behind the head. We all already have the figure but not the seat. I think the head moves forward like and has a hole where we can insert the seat, can't we? It would be awesome!!!
  10. Mine will be getting here anytime. Can you upload some pics to see what you are refering to?
  11. Mine got a shipping label with a tracking number on the 17th but it has not been updated. On the email itself indicates it will be delivered on Monday 20. Do you think it is not showing it updated only or it is that it has not been taken to the UPS facilities? I just want to see them in my toy today!!
  12. I got an email from shapeways with shipping info.....it will be here on Monday!!!!
  13. I will do the same but with the old ones. I will let you all know what happened.
  14. I think the old one. What were the issues you saw with them?
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