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  1. airgamer

    Related MMOs?

    What MMOs are related to Macross? Can anyone think of any? ACE Online seems like a very similar sci-fi MMO...has anyone played it?
  2. airgamer

    Sci-Fi MMO?

    SubaGames has published Bounty Hounds at http://bountyhounds.subagames.com
  3. airgamer

    Sci-Fi MMO?

    lol I'm only level 12...been playing for only a few weeks and doing other things as well. I know it doesn't take that long to level up..I've just been busy. How long have you been playing?
  4. airgamer

    Top Fansites for Macross?

    What are the top 5 fansites/forums for Macross or is MacrossWorld the best one? Is Macross an active anime?
  5. airgamer

    Worst Science Fiction Film of All Time

    My vote goes for Alien vs Predator. That movie, to me, was boring. But then again I don't watch that masny sci-fi movies
  6. airgamer

    The Dark Knight Rises

    I just saw the trailer. Special effects seem really cool. Never been a fan of Batman...always been a fan of Spiderman. I have no idea about the books or comics but I guess I'll watch this for the sake of the hype and to enjoy a good action movie. haha 2012 is full of good movies!
  7. airgamer

    Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

    Apple invest a lot of money into hyping their products up and I will admit their products ARE great and very cool. But I've seen products that are just as good with better battery life and reliability. The only apple product I own is a product I didn't even buy...my cousin bought it for me for high school graduation: a 30gb iPod. Been using it since 2007 and it's starting to show signs of breaking down. Battery life doesn't last much either...4-6 hours at max. Lol sorry, I could start a thread on Apple products and have a debate on it
  8. airgamer

    Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

    LMAO I don't mind BMWs or Apple. I could never afford a BMW and as for apple, I respect the company but I don't think I will ever buy any products from apple. Cool technology but the battery power and reliability is not so great.
  9. airgamer

    THOR - The Movie

    I haven't even see it yet lol. I think my girlfriend was watching it but I didn't see the full movie. I guess I'll have to watch it when I get the chance. Looks like an interesting movie though. It's hard for me to get enticed into these superhero, mythology type movies (or whatever you want to classify them).
  10. airgamer

    Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

    I'm gonna wanna watch it just for the purpose of watching the movie and being entertained lol. Though I will probably watch MI1,2 and 3 just to remember what happened in the previous installments. The only thing I know about this movie is Tom Cruise climbs up, what is supposed to be, the highest building/skyscraper in the world....and he enjoys doing it while filming lol.
  11. airgamer

    Sci-Fi MMO?

    I never was a fan of Star Trek...never caught my interest...is the MMO any good? Haha I heard that a lot of P2P MMOs are going f2p in 2012. I was going to play EVE since my friend played it I thought that game required subscription or something like that?
  12. airgamer

    Any other fansites for Macross?

    I'm getting a "No topics were found. This is either because there are no topics in this forum, or the topics are older than the current age cut-off." message but the forum said there were over 50 topics in this forum
  13. airgamer

    Sci-Fi MMO?

    I'm new here Happy Holidays to all (for those who celebrate Christmas and New Years)! Does anyone play any sci-fi MMOs? I recently checked out ACE Online, which a sci-fi aerial combat MMO...looks similar to Macross in some aspects. It's not a military aerial combat MMO, but it's more sci-fi-ish. You can check it out at http://ace.subagames.com Here's a video I came across on YouTube: Looks really cool. Thought you guys might find it interesting. An MMO and anime similarity