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  1. Its been a few years, I am lucky I found this old post but my pictures are all gone except 1. Is there anyway to retrieve them from the forum server or are they lost forever?
  2. Wow I am not really sure, here is the model kit I built: VF-1J kit It does say on the box 15th anniversary edition so its possible they updated parts?
  3. You know I did not realize this was really a classic till after I purchased the kit off ebay. I recently bought the complete macross dvd set off amazon. I always wanted to see the original after watching robotech back in the 80's. I did not really realize that the bandai kit was older untill I received it and the hasagawa battroid kits. Im not sure what you mean by updating the hands, they are the ones that came with the bandai model? Thanks for the props tho!
  4. Well, its not my first model, but its been so long it felt like I had to re-learn everything,but you are correct, it is my first Macross model. I used to do military aircraft quite a bit in Jr high and High School. I looked at alot of the build ups on this website and used some of their tricks and tips. This model would probably take the more experienced guys here a week or less to build, it took me over a month. Thanks for the kind words!
  5. Wow thanks for the compliments! You are correct I wanted to get some practice in before moving onto the Hasagawa kit. I really wanted some experiance with the airbrush as well, figured if I screwed this one up it would be a minor loss. As far as this kit goes the build was pretty tough.The seams on the old kit were a bit of a pain in the ass, especially the legs. I also agree the proportions are a little off, but he is decent looking none the less! Oh and yes I did do a "wash" I used the old polyscale with distilled water and dawn dish soap wash, think I used gunship grey. Thanks again guys!
  6. Edit: This thread is old and It took me a while to find it. Wanted to find the pictures I took back then but only one is showing. Is there anyway to retrieve the rest of the photos that were uploaded when the post was created? Probably not but I thought I would give it a shot. Thanks. This is my first model build in about 15 years. My picture taking skills at the Macro level suck, so please bear with me. Bought me an Iwata airbrush to try to get a more detailed look, and to speed up the entire process. Mostly used polyscale paints. Alclad II for the feet and lasers and main cannon. I am trying to go for a weathered and beat up look, its somewhat hard to see in the photos. I always weather to much for most peoples taste, but I dig the old beat up look. One thing about this kit that really sucked was that the decals were all old and yellow and if you look close most of them were not even close to the right size! I had to trim them up and I screwed up a couple. The long red arm decals were different width's and the shoulder triangles were not even the same shape as the raised triangle piece on the shoulder, I tried to make them fit but it came out kinda janky, the decals were a total let down. If anyone has any good hints at realistic battle damage I am all ears. Any feedback would be apprecieted. I am currently working on a Hasagawa VF-1A. I might start taking pics of the build process if I can find the time. Kinda Ungangly, but here he is! Done! Cannot see much detail tho: !! Not a bad build for a cheap BanDai 1/72 kit!! Oh and here is the back:
  7. Demonwarp9

    VF-1 Armored

    All I can say is WOW! I hope to have skills as good as yours someday!! Have you ever done a build walk through step by step? It would be awesome to see your approach to such a great build.
  8. Hi, Im new to Macross modeling, and really have not built a model in years, after watching some macross I wanted to build a model or two, I decided to pick up some Tamiya acrylic paints but I am not sure what airbrush kit to pick up. I dont want to spend more than 200 bucks. Do any of you have any recomendations or point me toward a site that can give me a little guidance? Thanks