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Another real-life Minmay Attack is in sight

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"Volta de apresentação, GP do Brasil 1990-93" playing in background"

Helly Luv, the Kurdish version of Beyoncé, has just made headlines on a music video filmed within ISIS proximities (A death warrant of hers has been issued subsequently by DAESH). This song of hers is made to have the Islamic State to their knees. Now, an analogy to the UVM* is being considered.

Here's one of the videos: https://www.facebook.com/RTnews/posts/10154360336419411

*United Voices of Macross: Lynn Minmay, Ishtar, Sharon Apple, Fire Bomber, Jamming Birds, the Nome sisters of Zero, Sheryl Nome, Ranka Lee, Mina Forte, and the recent newcomer Walküre.

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